Bethel Series

  1. Genesis 1
    God created all things good.
  2. Genesis 2
    Divine intentions
  3. Genesis 3
    The fall
  4. Genesis 4
    Brother's keeper
  5. Genesis 7
    The flood
  6. Genesis 11
    The Tower of Babel
  7. Genesis 12
    Blessed to be a Blessing
Card Set
Bethel Series
The Bethel Series provides an overview of the entire Bible. At the end of two years, the students will have an amazing understanding of the Old and New Testaments. Throughout the two year program, students are required to memorize Biblical concepts. That's where these cards come in. Bethel has two curricula, Congregational and Intensive. The Congregational program is what's represented first in these cards as that is the class I'm in. The Intensive program is the next level and is much more in-depth and requires much more memorization.