Office of Operations Orders

  1. Stuart House:  How soon must an officer provide the Stuart House with a copy of the report?
    As soon as practical
  2. Primary Goal of the Stuart House ?
    Re: sexually abused children. To minimize the number of interviews a child must endure.   The interview should be conducted by the best qualified interviewer.
  3. How many standby investigators may Central Traffic Division have?
    two investigators.

    See Standby protocol for office of operations  Op Order No. 1 3/26/10
  4. Standby Time/  personnel not "on call" status are subject to "recall" protocol.  If unable to respond his/her failure to do so, will it be considered performance deficiency?
  5. Can you use any other forms in lieu of RO's , EPO's ??
  6. In regards to Restraining Order Control Logs...
    The RO file shall be maintained in what order?
    1- Alphabetical Order according to the DEFENDANTs last name and seperately  cross filed in alphabetical order according to the plaintiff's last name.
  7. 3 run ups you must submit when completing any ADULT ARREST REPORT or a Release from Custody RFC ???
    • 1- CCHRS
    • 2- CII
    • 3- DMV
  8. As a detective, when an arrestee's Out-of-state RAP SHEET cannot be obtained before the case is presented for filing, WHAT SHOULD YOU DO?
    This information "shall" be conveyed to the prosecutor.
  9. How long do "on call" detectives have to respond to crime scenes?
    within 1 hour of notification
  10. Procedure to "Unforund" Sexual Assault cases:
    What should I/O's do before classifying a case as "Unfounded"?
    Should conduct a thorough investigation and determine that allegations are unequivocally false before classifying a case as unfounded.
  11. For Stuart House cases, where should the evidentiary examination be conducted?
    At the Santa Monica Rape Treatment Center (RTC) Medical Facility
  12. Detective's Responsibilities for the Stuart House?
    • - Contact Stuart house during business hrs., to provide details to the child advocate
    • - Arrange an interview with advocate and child asap
    • - * The I/O SHALL ensure the initial interview is conducted at the Stuart House
    • - Ensure transportation for the child
    • - After interview meet with staff to discuss interview
    • - Obtain a FElony Filing, DDA REJECT or CA referral
    • - Participate in meetings with Stuart House when case is up for discussion.
  13. Criteria to take a child to the Stuart House?
    • - Child is victim of a sexual assault
    • - Child is under 18 y.o
    • - Incident occurred  within: 
    • West LA, Pacific, Wilshire, Olympic, Hollywood.
  14. Explain Unfounded Report vs False in regards to sexual allegations.
    • Unfounded: is a complaint which is determined through the investigative process to be either False or without basis.
    • False Report: False allegations are those known to be unequivocally false in their entirety.
  15. Det. Response to Violent Crime Scenes
    Area Detectives shall respond immediately to what types of criems?
    • - All homicides
    • - Attempt 187/ Assault  (187)
    • - Sexual Assaults (261)
    • - Robberies (211s)
    • - Kidnappings  (207s)
    • - when C/O requests it
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