Dr Q Surgery Ch 1

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  1. Without feeling/ loss of sensation
  2. Loss of pain sensation
  3. Variable CNS depression/ drowsiness
  4. State of calm/unconcerned
  5. Sleep-like state where animal can be aroused
  6. Sleep-like state where animal cannot be easily aroused
  7. Reversible state of unconsciousness, immobility, muscle relaxation and loss of sensaion
    General anesthesia
  8. Loss of sensation in a small area of the body produced by administration anesthetic
    Local anesthesia
  9. Loss of sensation of a localized area produced by administration of a local anesthetic directly to the area
    Topical anesthesia
  10. Loss of sensation in a limited area of the body produced by administration of a local anesthetic in proximity of sensory nerves
    Regional anesthetic
  11. Used to provide pain control of the rear quarters and pelvic region
    Epidural anesthesia
  12. Balanced anesthesia important because...
    • Maximize benefits
    • Minimize adverse effects
    • Appropriate depth with quick and easy adjustment
  13. Level of drug between effective dose and adverse effects
    Therapeutic index
  14. Most anesthetic agents have a __ therapeutic index
  15. Most common type of arrhythmia
    Sinus arrhythmia 

    Breathing in the heart speeds up and when exhaling heart slows down due to the O2 being in the lugs during inhale and no O2 during exhale
  16. Number one side effect of propofol
  17. Drug induced state of calm in which the patient is reluctant to move and its aware of but unconcerned about its surroundings
  18. With sufficient stimulation a patient can be aroused from...?
    • Sedation
    • Narcosis
    • Hypnosis
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