CMI Cell-Mediated Immunity

  1. CMI Cell-Mediated Immunity involves what kinds of cells?
    • T-cells (helper, killer, suppressor)
    • Macrophages (antigen-presenting cells)
    • Memory Cells ( circulates to remember)
  2. What are the functions of Cell-mediated Immunity?
    • Recognition of self from non-self
    • Surveillance system
    • Target Cells
    • Response regulated by cytokines.
  3. What are the functions of the Helper T-Cells?
    • "help" the antigen-driven maturation of B and T cells
    • Facilitate and magnify the interactions between Antigen Presenting Cells (APC's) and immunocompetent lymphocytes.

    • recognizes self cells and non-self cells.
    • secretes lymphokines that increase bone marrow production of stem cells and speed up T-cell maturation.
  4. NK Cells:
    • Natural Killer Cells:
    • have cytotoxic effects n non self cells without first being sensitized.
  5. Suppressor T-Cells
    prevents hypersensitivity by secreting lymphokinines that suppresses immune system cells.
  6. Cytokines
    • protein horemones produced by WBC's
    • they act like messengers and tell specific cells when to respond.
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