Physics Chapter 13

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  1. Periodic motion
    • A motion that repeats itself over and over again
    • Characterized by the time required to complete a cycle of it repetitive motion
  2. Period( T)
    • Time required for one cycle of a periodic motion 
    • Represented by the variable T
    • SI Units : Time in seconds / cycle = sec
  3. Cycle
    Has no dimensions
  4. frequency
    • Another measure of periodic motion that measures the number of oscillation per unit of time; tell how frequently (rapidly) the oscillations take place.
    • Represented by the variable f
    • the HIGHER the frequency, the MORE RAPID the oscillation 

    • Given by the equation:
    • f= 1/T
    • SI Units: cycle/seconds= 1/s or s^-1
  5. Hertz(Hz)
    • 1Hz= 1 cycle/ 1 second
    • Measure for frequency
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