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  1. 4 Phases of mobilization
    • 1) hold over on duty
    • 2) call up on coming units
    • 3) use of all necessary personnel
    • 4) call in other LEO departments
  2. Who authorizes phase 1-4 mobilization
    • 1-watch commander
    • 2- zone commander
    • 3- director of investigation/homeland security
    • 4- sheriff (approval of mayor)
  3. Who is notified by sheriff of all requests for outside assistance
    Mutual Aid Bureau of FDLE
  4. Who approves wearing a uniform while in limited light duty status?
  5. How often does training occur on less lethal weapons?
  6. How often does training occur on lethal and ECWs?
  7. (how long) Continuous service & Civil Service system exempt position eligible for Tuition Reimbursement
    at least six months
  8. What is the limit for tuition reimbursement?
    18 credit hours
  9. With in ____ of course completion, employee voluntarily leaves employment will have to repay tuition reimbursed to City
    1 year
  10. True/False
    Contract or temp employee are not eligibile for tuition reimbursement
  11. Who are assigned career counslers?
    all supervisors (civilian, co, police)
  12. Which positions are exempt from requirements of Personnel Division sending out job announcements?
    Undercover Positions
  13. All supervisors must complete an annual evaluation on their subordinate employees
    Each September (sept 1 accessible...due sept 30)
  14. All Supervisors will create a Performance Plan for their subordinate employees when?
  15. When must notice be given to employee if performance is unsatisfactory?
    90 day prior to end of annual rating period
  16. What is entered into the VINE if the victim does not have a phone?
  17. When arrest a suspect on a capias where a VINE was used what must the officer do?
    Get the VINE info from Central Records before booking
  18. Who get a case info card at a scene?
    victim, relative of victim, witness
  19. What is the channel for Scan talk group?
    B-7 (Zone 6 dispatcher monitors it)
  20. Who is responsible to monitor School Board Police?  What channel?
    Investigative Dispatch (A9)  B9-used for JSO to speak to School board.
  21. Who approves the release of police/c.o. photos?
  22. Who activates PIO for traffic homicide?
  23. Who activates the POI on duty and off duty?
    Commanding Officer
  24. What is the maximum overtime per pay period?
    20 hours (over approved by Chief)
  25. Who approves OT for a fact witness?
    Commander of IAU
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