Modified Wordly Wise Lesson 9

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  1. to make use of; to benefit oneself by treating others unfairly
    take advantage of (verb)

    Example: Martina took advantage of her position as camp leader by giving all the best jobs to her friends
  2. to surprise or amaze
    astonish (verb)

    Example: It astonished me to discover that my new friend and I were born on the same day in the same town.
  3. to show or prove to be true
    confirm (verb)

    Example: Before giving me a library card, the librarian asked me to confirm my street address by showing a copy of my phone bill.
  4. very far away; not near or close by
    distant (adj.)

    Example: Marco Polo's travels took him to many distant lands.
  5. a person who sets up something that lasts
    founder (noun)

    Example: George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are two of the founders of our nation
  6. to make or become very dry
    parch (verb)

    The sun parched the fields and made the grass turn brown.
  7. one who greets and entertains guests and takes care of their needs at a party of restaurant
    host (noun)

    Example: The guests said goodbye to their host and thanked him for a lovely New Year's Eve party.
  8. in short supply; not plentiful
    scarce ( adj.)

    Example: When gasoline is scarce, the price goes up.
  9. clever; good at understanding what is needed and acting on it.
    shrewd (adj.)

    Example: The shrewd lawyer prepares her client to answer questions she knows the client will be asked in court.
  10. being the only one of its kind; belonging to only one person or group
    sole (adj.) 

    Example: After her husband died Mrs. Mazoor became to sole owner of the toy store.
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