1. pathology
    the study and diagnosis of disease through examination of organs, tissues, cells and bodily fluids.
  2. physiology
    the study of the mechanical, physical and biochemical functions of living organisms
  3. pathophysiology includes four interrelated topics
    etiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, and treatment implications
  4. Etiology
    the study of the causes or reasons for phenomena
  5. idiopathic
    cause is unknown
  6. iatrogenic
    the cause is the result of an unintended or unwanted medical treatment
  7. pathogenesis
    the development or evolution of a disease
  8. signs of a disease
    manifestations of the disease, objective data that may be gathered by clinical examination.
  9. Symptoms
    subjective feelings of an abnormality in the body
  10. Syndrome
    when the etiology of a particular set of signs and symptoms has not yet been determined
  11. latent period
    the time between exposure of a tissue to an injurious agent and the first appearance of signs and symptoms
  12. the prodromal period
    the appearance of the first signs and symptoms indicating the onset of a disease
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