Biochem 3300 Set 2 - Enzymes

  1. What is the usual enzyme suffix?
  2. Alcohol dehydrogenase
    Oxidation of alcohols
  3. Urease
    hydrolysis of urea
  4. DNA polymerase
    polymerization of nucleotides
  5. Catalase
    Breakdown of H2O2
  6. Pepsin
    Protease (Asp), Endopeptidase
  7. Trypsin
    Protease, Endopeptidase
  8. Lysozyme
    Lyses bacterial cell walls
  9. What does IUBMB stand for?
    International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  10. What are the two types of name given to specific enzymes?
    • Recommended, older name
    • Systematic name
  11. What are the constituents of an enzyme systematic name?
    Name of substrate + reaction type + -ase
  12. What are the six major classes of enzymatic catalysis?
    • Oxidoreductases
    • Transferases
    • Lyases
    • Ligases
    • Hydrolases
    • Isomerases
  13. What are oxidoreductases?
    Enzymes catalyzing oxidation and reduction reactions
  14. What are transferases?
    Enzymes catalyzing the transfer of functional groups
  15. What are ligases?
    Enzymes catalyzing bond formation coupled with ATP
  16. What are hydrolases?
    Enzymes catalyzing hydrolysis
  17. What are lyases?
    Enzymes catalyzing group eliminations to form double bonds
  18. What are isomerases?
    Enzymes catalyzing isomerisation
  19. What are three enzyme databases?
    • KEGG
    • EXPASY
    • The comprehensive enzyme information system
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Biochem 3300 Set 2 - Enzymes