Review Sheets #1

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  1. When will a supervisor exercise direct command over a subordinate outside his usual command?
    When police purpose is jeopardized
  2. Medal Of Honor Officer car number and ID number will be retired how long?
  3. true/false
    All in the line of duty deaths will be reviewed by the Meritorious Awards review board?
    true -some accidental death are reviewed but no natural deaths
  4. Chairperson of the meritorious Award Board
    S03 Director of Patrol and Enforcement
  5. Who coordinates with the FOP and family for medal of honor
    JSO Chaplain
  6. 20 years of serivce pins given out by who:
  7. Who runs the Safety Board?
    • even months-Chief of Patrol East
    • Odd Months-Chief of Patrol West
  8. How long do driving points stay on your record?
    5 years from the date assigned
  9. Who reviews vehicle pursuits where police action (PIT, Ramming) with injury?
    RTR Board
  10. Who is the JSO Safety Board Coordinator?
    FTO Unit Commander (also reviews pursuit forms)
  11. Who can recommend RTR board to look at incidents?
    Any Sheriff Staff Member
  12. Who is the chairperson for the RTR board
    Director of investigation and Homeland Security (SO4)
  13. Who approves a member to obtain a bond reduction or ROR for another person
    Department Director
  14. The member’s supervisor will have ____ to appropriately address the recommendation.
    90 days
  15. Who is the chairperson for the RTR Board
    Director of Investigations and Homeland Security (SO4)
  16. Must notify who is instituting civil action from official duties
  17. Who will you notify if a damage suit is filed against you for acts on duty?
    Commanding Officer
  18. Who gives consent to an officer to dismiss charges on a person docketed for court
    Commanding officer
  19. Who must approve for an officer to get a reward?
    Division Chief
  20. Missing Wellness Appt (1st Offense)
    • Formal Counseling
    • Loss of Veh 2 weeks
    • Can not use other veh for 10-60
    • (2nd offense pay the exam fee)
  21. true/false
    Witness that turn into Principles during an interview must be rescheduled?
    false- up to I.A. Detective
  22. When an officer is immdiately suspended who takes the officer's car?
    Officers Commanding Officer
  23. Over ____ deems the person under the influence during a breath test?
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