Anatomical Terms

  1. Anatomical Position
    standing upright with feet flat on the floor, arms to the sides, and palms and face directed forward.
  2. Sagittal plane
    passes vertically through the body or an organ and divides it into right and left portions
  3. Median (Midsagittal) Plane
    Sagittal plane that passes directly through the midline.
  4. Parasagittal Plane
    Sagittal plane that does not pass through the midline, resulting in unequal right and left portions.
  5. Frontal (Coronal) Plane
    • extends vertically perpendicular to the sagittal plane
    • divides the body into front and back portions
  6. Transverse (Horizontal) Plane
    • passes across the body or an organ perpendicular to the long axis
    • results in upper and lower portions
  7. Ventral
    toward the belly or front
  8. Dorsal
    toward the back or spine
  9. Anterior
    toward the ventral side
  10. Posterior
    toward the dorsal side
  11. Cephalic
    toward the head or superior end
  12. Rostral
    toward the forehead or nose
  13. Caudal
    toward the tail or inferior end
  14. Superior
  15. Inferior
  16. Medial
    toward the median plane
  17. Lateral
    away from the medial plane
  18. Proximal
    closer to the point of attachment or origin
  19. Distal
    farther from the point of attachment or origin
  20. Ipsilateral
    on the same side of the body
  21. Contralateral
    on the opposite side of the body
  22. Superficial
    closer to the body surface
  23. Deep
    farther from the body surface
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