F>S> #3

  1. DWLS Habitual
    3rd felony-impound veh.    Send cerfitifed mail to coowner within 7 days
  2. DWLS-FR
    1st-2nd misd    2nd-1st mis'd
  3. DWLS-permanently revoked
    3rd felony
  4. Permitting unathorized driver-causes death or injury
    2nd mis'd and dl suspended for 1 year
  5. Assualt /(reclassification)
    2nd Misd/ (1st misd)
  6. Battery/(reclassification)
    1st misd/(3rd felony)
  7. Agg. Assualt/(reclassification)
    3rd felony/(2nd felony)
  8. Agg Battery/(reclassification)
    2nd felony/(1st felony)
  9. If the victim is pregnant during battery
    increases to Agg Battery
  10. Dating Violence must have
    expectation of sex or affection
  11. violation of inj
    1st misd
  12. violation of inj with battery
    3rd felony
  13. sexually cyber harassment (putting naked pic on internet)
    1st misd (2 or more convictions 3rd felony)
  14. culpable negligence exposes to injury
    2nd misd
  15. culpable negligence leaves gun out
    3rd felony
  16. culpable negligence inflicts injury
    1st misd
  17. points a laser light at a cop
    non criminal violation
  18. points a laser light at driver of veh
    3rd felony
  19. points a laser light at driver of veh casues injury
    2nd felony
  20. cannot carry concealed firearm:
    nuisance area, police station, jail, courthouse, polling place, gov't meeting, school , career center, bar, college, airport, federal law prohibits
  21. A person commiting a crime and uses ECW
    3rd felony
  22. A person committing a crime and has or uses firearm (previous conviction)
    2nd felony (1st felony)
  23. discharge of firearm in  public
    1st misd
  24. occupant discharges from veh w/1000 of person
    2nd felony
  25. driver tells occupant to shoot
    3rd felony
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F>S> #3
F>S> #3