F.S. #2

  1. aggravated fleeing and eluding
    2nd felony
  2. aggravated fleeing and eluding causes death/serious injury
    1st felony (man/min 3 years)
  3. Obstruction of public street
    pedestrian violation
  4. Obstruction of public street to solcit
    2nd misdemeanor
  5. Bicycle violations
    all pedestrian violations
  6. ATV Rules
    16 under (helmet), not on roads, noncrimial traffic violations
  7. Who can have amber lights
    mail carrier/trash trucks/gas tanker
  8. Legal Tint?
    front sides (28%) rear sides (15%)
  9. tint exceptions
    medical, LEO (k9, undercover) PI
  10. Child restraints
    0-3 separate carrier, 4-5 booser/separate carrier
  11. Child restraints exempt
    tractor, moped/motorcycle, bus taxi, big trucks
  12. child restraint violations
    moving violation and 3 points
  13. Leaving kid in a car unattended
    • 2nd misdemeanor (over 15 minutes)        
    • non criminal motor running,danger  
    • 3rd degree  if bodily harm
  14. Leaving kid in a car unattended
    child under 6yrs: over 15 minutes, any period with motor running or danger
  15. exemt from seat belt laws
    mail carrier/trash trucks/delivery persons tractor/mopd/bus/big trucks
  16. Expired registration over six months
    second offence =2nd misdemeanor)
  17. Willfuly abuses temp tag
    1st misdemeanor
  18. attaching tag not assigned
    2nd misdemeanor
  19. Must turn over all non-fl dls (false aff'd)
    misdemeanor 1st degree
  20. no commercial DL issued for non fl residents
  21. no commercial DL while driving
    1st misdemeanor
  22. not carring a DL and get a ticket
    finger print/if DWLS for failure to comply must set a court date
  23. IF DWLS and cause death in crash
    3rd felony
  24. proceeds for sale of seized vehicles
    30% seizing LEA and 70% general state fund
  25. DWLS Knowingly
    1st-2nd misd    2nd-1st mis'd    3rd- 3rd felony
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