F.S #1

  1. Leaving the scene of crash involving non-serious injury
    Felony 3rd degree/DL revoked 3 yrs
  2. Leaving the scene of crash involving serious injury
    Felony 2nd degree/DL revoked 3 yrs
  3. Leaving the scene of a crach with death
    Felony 1st degree/sentence 4 years/DL revoked 3 yrs
  4. DUI with crash and death
    Felony 1st degree/sentence 4 years/DL revoked 3 yrs
  5. Leaving the scene with only property
    misdemeanor 2nd degree
  6. Failure to render aid in a crash
    non-moving violation
  7. Failure to notify unattnded vehicle crash
    2nd misdemeanor
  8. Garage who repairs veh with gun shot holes failure to report
    1st misdemeanor
  9. racing (driver, passanger, facilator)
    1st misdemeanor
  10. reckless driving causes property damage
    1st misdemeanor
  11. reckless driving causes serious injury
    3rd felony
  12. aggressively careless driving
    speed/lane change/following to close/fail to yield/improper passing/violating traffic control
  13. DUI 3rd violation in 10 years
    3rd felony
  14. DUI property damage
    1st misdemeanor
  15. DUI w/serious injury
    3rd felony
  16. DUI w/death (DUI Manslaughter)
    madantory 4yr term
  17. DUI (ignition interlock device)
    6 month (1st offense) 2yrs (2nd offense)
  18. Refusal to submit to testing (drug/alcohol)
    1st offs  1 yr suspension DL/2nd 18 months  1st misdemeanor
  19. Blood-alcohol level is based on grams per __ of blood
    100 milliters
  20. True/false
    In death or serious injury DUI cases forced tests will occur.
  21. Breath-alcohol level is based on grams per ___of breath
    210 liters
  22. presumption of impairment testing
    .00-.05 not/.05-.08 neither/.08 and above under the influence
  23. Flee and elude LEO
    3rd felony
  24. Flee and elude LEO plus high speeds
    2nd degree felony
  25. flee and elude LEO causes death or injury
    1st degree felony
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F.S #1
F.S #1