Directional and Surface Veterinary Terms

  1. Venteral
    Refers to the belly or underside of a body or body part.

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  2. Cranial
    Towards the head.
  3. Anterior
    Front of the body
  4. Rostral
    Nose, end of the head
  5. Cephalic
    Pertaining to the head
  6. Medial
    Towards the midline
  7. Superior
    Outtermost, abover, towards the head
  8. Proximal
    Nearest the midline or toward the head
  9. Palmar
    Caudal surface of the manus (front paw) including the carpus (from the antebrachial joint distally)

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  10. Caudal
    Towards the tail
  11. Dorsal
    Refers to the back
  12. Posterior
    Rear of the body
  13. Lateral
    Away from the midline
  14. Inferior
    Lowermost, below, or towards the tail
  15. Distal
    Farthest from the midline or farthest from the beginning of a structure.
  16. Deep
    Away from the surface, internal
  17. Plantar
    Cudal surface of pes (rear paw) inculding the tarsus (from the tibiotarsol joint distally)
  18. Midsagittal
    Plane that divides the body into equal halves.
  19. Sagittal
    plane that divides the body into unequal right and left parts
  20. Dorsal
    • plane that divides thebody into dorsal (back) and ventral (belly) parts
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  21. Transverse plane
    Divides the body into cranial and cauldal part.

    Also called Horizontal plane or Cross-sectional plane.
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