OSU Ch 123

  1. another name for molar
    molarity (mol/L)
  2. 1) -formula for pH from molarity of an element or substance?
    -formula for pH from H+ concentration?
  3. B-L (Bronsted-Lowry) acid & base def?
    Acid: proton/H+ donor.

    Base: proton/H+ acceptor.
  4. Write the conjugate pair of HClO4^-, & NH3.
    H2ClO4, NH4^+
  5. Formula for H from OH?
    OH+H=14, so subtract the one you don't have from the one you do.
  6. Who's definition of Acids and bases is:
    Acid: a substance that produces H+ ions in aqueous solutions
    Base: a substance that produces OH- ions in aqueous solution.
    Arrhenius's definition
  7. Is water a proton donor or acceptor?
    both.  H2O will auto-ionize to form H3O+ and OH-
  8. formula for acid strength and acid ionization constant (K).
    Products/reactant or [A][B]/[C] when C->AB
  9. How to you write the charge on a molecule in "mastering chem"
    • HN4+
    • Don't use the one that puts the superscript and subscript vertical.
  10. draw the conversions from  pOH, H+, OH, pH.
  11. how do you convert moles (M) of a substance to H+, for example?

    What's the pH of 0.65M of HBr?
    -log(0.65)=.19 (sounded up for 2 SF)
  12. How do you calculate the the ph of a molecule for a base or an acid based on it's moles (M)?
    • Acids are calculated using [H], and
    • bases are calculated using [OH]
  13. find the Kw for a solution with the pH of 7.41 at a given temperature.
    107.41=3.89*10-8M [H+]2=1.51*10-15

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