9th Grade English Vocabulary

  1. achromatic
    adj. free from color; colorless

    Ex: The black and white picture was achromatic.
  2. acute
    adj.- sharp or severe in effect; severe; sharp/pointed

    Ex: There was a severe acute pain in my side
  3. adieu
    interjection- good bye, farewell

    Ex: I have to leave, I must bid you adieu.
  4. adjunct
    n.- something added to another thing but not essential to it

    Ex: The unnecessary feathers on the dress seemed adjunct.
  5. admissible
    adj.-that may be allowed or conceded

    Ex: Since the book was in great condition, it was allowed in the book drive.
  6. adulterate
    v.-to make impure by mixing a foreign or inferior substance

    Ex: To adulterate milk with orange juice is ridiculous and wasteful.
  7. affirmation
    v.-to confirm or ratify

    Ex: After recieving affirmation that a band would be there, I decided to go to the party.
  8. aggression
    noun- marked by combative readiness. an unprovoked attakc, offensive actions in general

    Ex: If you stole my money, I would come at you violently with great aggression.
  9. albeit
    conjunction-although, even if

    Ex: The blanket was soft, albeit it was old.
  10. alias
    noun-a false name to conceal one's identity

    Ex: He was arrested at passport control for traveling under an alias.
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