Landing Gear DC-9

  1. When will the gear unsafe warning horn go off?
    Can the horn be silenced?
    • When either the engine thrust lever is reduced to idle with Airspeed less than 210 kts,
    • or flaps are extended beyond 26 degrees.

    Only if activated by thrust lever, not by flaps.
  2. What does pulling the emergency gear extension lever do?
    Releases and unlocks the main gear wheel well doors, and nose gear. Removes hydraulic pressure from  the landing gear control valve allowing free fall.
  3. How many degrees of steering does the nose wheel have?
    what about rudder pedals?
    • 82 degrees
    • 17 degrees
  4. . What does the brake temperature control panel do? Brake temperature limitations? Light on/off when?
    • Indicates brake temperatures and overheat.
    • Max brake temp for takeoff is 205*C
    • Max brake temp with parking brake set is 250 *C
    • OVHT Light- illuminates when any brake reaches an excess of 305*C and extinguishes when brakes cool to 260*C
  5. When is the autobrake system activated during a rejected takeoff?
    Occurs when the spoilers are deployed during reject. Below 70 kts normal braking takes place.Above 70 kts. Max braking is applied.
  6. If installed, when must the autobrakes be used for landing?
    • usuable runway less than or equal to 7000 ft.
    • RVR less than 4000 feet or vis less than ¾ sm
    • Runway contaminated with water slush snow or ice
    • Braking less than good.
  7. When is the autobrake system activated during landing?
    When either Automatic or manual spoiler deployment  happens.
  8. What’s the purpose of the ground bypass lever?
    hydraulic pressure to bypass all of the landing gear components. Once bypassed, maintenance personnel can manually open the main landing gear doors and work in the landing gear wheel wells.
  9. Wheel not turning’ light illuminates when?
    When any main wheel is turning 20% slower than the fastest wheel
  10. What are the indications during an Antiskid test?
  11. What holds the nose gear down
    over center linkage.
  12. how is landing gear controlled and actuated?
    • Mechanically controlled
    • Hydraulically actuated
  13. When will the ANTI-SKID INOP light illuminate?
    Switch is OFF, system is testing, or a failure is indicated. Switch must be reset to extinguish the annunciator if a fault is transient.
  14. When will the anti-skid become fully functional on touchdown?
    Ground shift and main wheel rotation above a certain speed.
  15. When will the brake OVHT light illuminate and extinguish?
    • On at 305C
    • Off at 260C
  16. What is the max angle for normal nosewheel steering?
    Which hydraulic system powers the nosewheel steering?
    What is the max steering angle with rudder/brake pedals?
    • 82 degrees
    • Both Left and Right
    • 17 degrees
  17. How is nosewheel steering disabled for aircraft towing?
    A bypass lever bypasses all pressure to the steering actuators.
  18. What are the conditions to use the brake wear pin?
    What is the min indication on the brake wear indicator?
    • Parking brake set
    • Flush (Flush+)
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