Religion Chapter 8

  1. Ancestors
    • Family members who came before you
    • Set the groundwork for your life today
  2. ark of the covenant
    • wooden box
    • held the original stone tablets of the Ten Commandments
    • kept in the holy of holies in Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem
  3. Christopher Columbus
    • c. 1451-1506
    • Italian explorer sailing under the banner of Spain
    • crossed the Atlantic in search of a route to China but instead encountered the Americas
  4. consecrate
    to make sacred for God
  5. holy of holies
    • innermost room of the Temple in Jerusalem
    • in Solomon's Temple, the room where the ark of the covenant was kept
  6. infancy narratives

    cite a book, chapter, and verse
    the accounts of Jesus' birth and childhood found in the first two chapters of the Gospels of Matthew and Luke

    God calls the Virgin Mary to become the mother of God's only Son (Matthew 1:22-23)
  7. John F. Kennedy
    • 1917-1963
    • sent US to the moon
    • first Catholic President of the United States
    • elected in 1960
    • youngest man ever elected President
    • assassinated in 1963 in Dallas, Texas
  8. Saint Joan of Arc
    • (1412-1431)
    • patron saint of France whose visions of saints led her to help the rightful king of France reclaim his throne
    • executed for heresy and then acquitted in a second trial held after her death
  9. Saint Joseph
    Patron of the Universal Church, unborn children, fathers, workers, travelers, immigrants, and a happy death
    • husband of Mary and foster father of Jesus
    • worked as a carpenter
    • raised Jesus in the traditions of the Jewish faith
    • The Gospel of Matthew says an angel came to Joseph in a dream and said Mary would conceive Jesus by the Holy Spirit, he married Mary, after Jesus' birth in Bethlehem, an angel told Joseph to flee to Egypt to protect Jesus from the king ordering infants to be killed, they settled in Nazareth
    • Feast days - March 19 and May 1
    • Joseph is believed to have died before Jesus began his public ministry
  10. Saint Therese of Lisieux
    • (1873-1897)
    • ROSES
    • Doctor of the Church
    • became a Carmelite nun at age 15
    • described her path to God as "the little way"
    • patron of the missions
    • her autobiography is called Story of a Soul
  11. Western Wall also called the Wailing Wall
    • the last remnant of the Temple in Jerusalem
    • visited today by many to pray and other pilgrims including Pope John Paul II, in 2000
  12. ___________ was full of faith in the Lord, while in the Temple he took infant Jesus in his arms and praised God.
  13. Saint Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini
    • 1850-1917
    • Founded the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart
    • Pope sent her to USA (New York) to help Italian immigrants
    • She created schools and orphanages in US
    • Patronage - Immigrants and hospital administrators
  14. The Temple in ____________ was a sacred place where ____________ people gathered to worship God.
    • Jerusalem
    • Jewish
  15. Geneaology
    study of a family's history
  16. Nurtured by his family and community, Jesus was raised in the rich traditions of the _______________ faith.
  17. The coming of Jesus Christ fulfilled the promise made by ______________ to remain with his people forever and to send the ______________ to lead and save them.
    • God
    • Messiah
  18. We learn from scripture that Jesus' family were devout ___________.
  19. What is the family line (descendants) of Jesus, Son of God?
    • Abraham (several in between generations)
    • Jesse (book of isaiah) - Father of King David
    • King David (several in between generations)
    • Joseph and Mary
  20. In the words of _____________ and the response of ______________, who saw baby Jesus being consecrated in the Temple of Jerusalem, we find the true expression of Israel's hope for the promised ______________.
    • Simeon
    • Anna
    • Messiah
  21. Where in the Bible are the words "In the Beginning" used?
    • Start to the Book of Genesis to signal creation
    • Introduction (prologue) to John's Gospel to signal a great new creation beginning in Jesus Christ
  22. The laws of ______________ required that a first born son be consecrated to the Lord after his birth. Mothers were also required to make an offering of a lamb and a turtledove forty days after the birth of a son.
    Moses (Jewish laws)
  23. In the infancy narrative from the Gospel of ___________, we read of the young Jesus so interested in his faith that he stays behind in the Temple while his family journeys home after Passover. This is the last infancy narrative in Luke and the only one that speaks about Jesus as a youth and shows that he had both earthly parents and a Father in heaven.
  24. _________ __________ is true God and true man.
    Jesus Christ
  25. Jesus Christ is the promised Messiah, fulfills the hopes of Israel, is the Son of God, and true God and true man, and grew up with an earthly family to grow in wisdom.

  26. Abraham is called ______________.
    Our father in faith
  27. Where Jesus grew up is now part of the Middle East known as Israel or Palestine.

  28. ___________ without losing his divine nature, took on our human nature and lived among us as a human being.
  29. What is one of the promises from the Old Testament that Jesus' birth fulfilled?
    God promised a Messiah to give his life and save us from our sins
  30. The 7 Sacraments
    • Sacraments of Christian Initiation:
    • Baptism
    • Confirmation
    • Eucharist

    • Sacraments of Healing:
    • Penance and Reconciliation
    • Anointing of the Sick

    • Sacraments at the Service of Communion:
    • Holy Orders
    • Matrimony
  31. Jesus is present in the sacraments and they are important part of the Catholic Church. What do all of the sacraments do?
    • offer glory to God
    • we receive grace
    • bring us together in worship of God
    • make us holy
    • strengthen and unify the Church and make us a sign of God's love in the world
  32. Charles Jennens wrote what?
    The Messiah
  33. Who built the first Temple in Israel and when? How many years did it take to build?
    • King Solomon in 966 BC
    • 11 years to build
  34. How many times was the Temple destroyed?

    It was destroyed once by King Herod to be rebuilt
  35. What was a synagogue in Jesus' time used for?
    To praise God
  36. One of the religious traditions in Jesus' time was making a pilgrimage to the Temple for the feast of Passover. Where was the Temple located?
  37. Luke 2:51 and CCC2251 - what do these say?
    the mom is the ark of the covenant which held the 10 commandments

    relate to the Ten Commandments regarding honoring and being obedient to his father in heaven and his earthly mother and father to show them respect and foster harmony in family life
  38. Recall the biblical walk with the Blessed Mary about the presentation of Jesus in the Temple

    Recall the video of the Messiah and the funding of the Foundling Hospital
  39. Story of Simeon and Anna and the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple (provides true expression of Israel's hope for the promised Messiah)
    Mary and Joseph took baby Jesus to the Temple to be consecrated and also took 2 turtledove. While there Simeon took baby Jesus in his arms and praised God. Anna was a holy woman with the gift of prophesy and she also gave thanks to God and spoke about the child to all.
  40. In Luke, Jesus referred to the Temple as his "______________'s house"
  41. Old Testament Promises and Fulfillment Found in the Infancy Narrative - see chart
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