1. conscious leve;
    event currently aware of
  2. nonconcius level
    we don't think about
  3. preconcious
    not thinking of it at the time
  4. Sigmund freud
    • unconscious levels are filled with unacceotable sexual thoughts feelings and memories
    • psychoanalysts
  5. congnitive psychologist
    unconscious preocees info unaware of
  6. passive state
    mind wanders
  7. EEG
    brain activity
  8. stage o
    • prelude to sleep
    • Alpha=Awake
    • relaxed
  9. stage 1-4
    • quiet sleep
    • contrasts REM and called nREM
  10. stage 3 & 4
    • 3 Delta waves
    • Delta=Deep sleep
    • 4 deepest stage
  11. REM
    • EEG similar to someone awake
    • 80% dreams
    • paralyzed
    • active sleep
  12. sleep pattern
    • 1-2-3-4-3-2-REM
    • six times each night each ninety minutes
    • 3&4 most of early night
    • 2& REM most in later night
  13. insomnia
    • common
    • symptom caused by something else
    • difficulty sleeping
  14. sleep restriction therapy
    get people to associate beds with sleep
  15. narcolepsy
    • person abruptly goes to REM sleep
    • paralyzed
  16. signs of narcolepsy
    • extreme daytime sleepiness
    • cataplexy
    • hallucinations
    • sleep paraylsis
  17. sleep apnea
    • people who stop breathing in the night
    • snoring
  18. SIDS
    • infant dies for no reason
    • to prevent no cigarettes or put on belly
  19. Night terrors
    • Occurs stage 4 
    • chilren wake up terrified 
    • lasts 5 ton30 minutes
  20. sleepwalking
    stage 4
  21. rem behavior disorder
    during rem person loses paralysis and acts out dreams
  22. circadian rhythm him or biological clock
    • Controlled by hypothalamus 
    • cycles every 24 hours 
    • linked to environmental cues
  23. SAD
    Melatonin is secreted in the dark and humans have more in winter
  24. What happens in in environments without environmental cues
    The biological clock will cycle every 25 hours
  25. suprachiasmatic nucleus 
    Car built in biological clocks
  26. why do we sleep
    To rest heal learn and to dream
  27. sleep deprivation
    The night after sleep deprivation people generally sleep 50% more than usual in awaken with no side effects
  28. what does nrem  do
    Helps restore body for future activities
  29. Rem rebound
    You have more rem sleep when you are sleep deprived
  30. lucid dreaming
    This sleeper is aware that they are dreaming while they are in a dream and sometimes they can control your dreams
  31. why does Sigmund Freud think we dream
    wish fulfillment
  32. Manifest content
    Storyline of the dream
  33. Latent content
  34. Activation synthesis theory
    Dreams are meaningless
  35. information processing theory
    • Freud activation 
    • dreams are related to concerns and stress will increase the number and intensity of dreams
  36. problem-solving very
    Dreams are away to face problem
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