CBFF - sparking, no flame.

  1. If sparking is occurring, the fault must be at:
    • The pilot flame if there is one,
    • ignition system assembly including wires and connections,
    • gas valve,
    • solenoid, orĀ 
    • PCB
  2. Gas valve not energising - Flame supervision devices 1
    • Tip not correctly positioned in pilot flame.
    • pilot light will not stay alight.
    • pilot flame too small.
    • pilot flame misaligned.
    • tip burnt out.
    • build up of soot/dirt on tip.
    • insulation damaged causing short.
    • connection to gas valve loose.
    • electro-magnetic valve faulty.
  3. Gas valve not energising - Flame supervision devices 2
    • Probe not correctly positioned.
    • Rectification lead faulty.
    • faulty connections.
    • dirt blocking burner close to rectification probe.
    • reversed polarity.
    • electro-magnetic valve faulty.
  4. Solenoid not Energising.
    • Poor terminal connection.
    • Burnt out coil - gas pressure ok and electric supply ok.
    • Gas valve internal components sticking.
  5. Solenoid Movement Erratic
    • Solenoid failing.
    • Armature obstruction.
  6. Main burner will not fire
    • Gas turned off at meter or combi boiler.
    • Gas supply/pressure suspect.
    • Burner injector blocked.
    • Faulty gas valve.
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CBFF - sparking, no flame.
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