The Amendments

  1. 1st Amendment
    Freedom of Religion, Speech, and Press and the Freedom to Assemble and Petition
  2. 2nd Amendment
    The Right to Bear Arms
  3. 3rd Amendment
    Army cannot force homeowners to give them room and board (to protect personal property)
  4. 4th Amendment
    Protects the people from the government from properly taking property, papers, or people without a valid warrant or a probable cause
  5. 5th Amendment
    • You must be properly indicted (told why you are going to jail)
    • No double jeopardy (you can't be accused of the same crime twice)
    • Property can't be taken without compesation
    • Due process -> you're guaranteed all legal proceedings
    • You can't be forced to testify against yourself
  6. 6th Amendment
    • Speedy trial
    • Impartial jury
    • Accused can confront witnesses against them
    • Accused must be allowed a lawyer
  7. 7th Amendment
    jury trial in federal court cases
  8. 8th Amendment
    • no cruel and unusual punishments
    • death penalty is determined by states
    • no large fines
  9. 9th Amendment
    • there are no rights
    • that aren't listed
  10. 10th Amendment
    Any power not given to the federal is granted to the state
  11. 11th Amendment
    Clearly defines th original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court
  12. 12th Amendment
    the President and the Vice President run on the same ticket
  13. 13th Amendment
    Abolished slavery
  14. 14th Amendment
    all citizens of all states enjoy not only the rights on the federal levels, but on the state level as well
  15. 15th Amendment
    race cannot be considered a criteria for voting
  16. 16th Amendment
    Collection of income taxes
  17. 17th Amendment
    people directly elect senators
  18. 18th Amendment
    Abolished the sale and manufacuter of alcohol
  19. 19th Amendment
    Ensures that sex is not a criteria for voting
  20. 20th Amendment
    New start dates for Congress and the President
  21. 21st Amendment
    Repealed the 18th Amendment
  22. 22nd Amendment
    President has 2-4 year terms. 10 year maximum
  23. 23rd Amendment
    Grants D.C. 3 electoral votes
  24. 24th Amendment
    No poll taxing (voting is free)
  25. 25th Amendment
    Line of succession to the Presidency
  26. 26th Amendment
    You have to be 18 to vote
  27. 27th Amendment
    Requires that any law that increased the pay of legislature may not take affect until after an election (you can't give yourself a pay raise)
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