final teca 2

  1. All of the following are explanations for sexual orientation EXCEPT
    • a. biological (heredity or brain based)
    • b. psychodynamic explanation
    • learning theory
    • d. all of these answers
  2. The social world of adolescence is divided not just by popular and unpopular, but there are additional categories of oth high and low status. In addition to the popular adolescents, another group of teens are categorized as high status, referred to as
    b. controversial adolescents
  3. an interesting phenomenon occurs during adolescence when peer relationships between genders become ___________ and relationships between races become________.
    more segregated ; less segregated
  4. during adolescence, culture influences the process of forming an identity. In a collectivist society, the well-being of the group is promoted as most important, while in the individualistic culture the emphasis is on developing
    a. autonomy
  5. minority adolescents have the additional pressure of forming an ethnic identity. in the past there have been two models for that process: pluralistic and cultural assimilation. today there is a third alternative, one that is a middle ground between the other two models, in which the adolescent can embrace both their own culture at the same tiem that they integrate themselves into the majority culture. this model is known as
    d. bicultural identity
  6. Florin has many interests, and he moves comfortably from various comminity projects. Several times he committed to a specific career focus only to return to a category that is characterized by a lack of commitment. Although FLORIN has made a commitment in the past, it appears that he si most likely currently in the __________ category.
    c. moratorium
  7. a model to understand the process that adolecents take to determine identity was developed by james marica. Four catagories were developed that are based on two specific characteristics:___________ and ___________.
    a. crisis ; commitment
  8. teens face multiple pressures in trying to assume their own unique identity. Erikson, understanding that pressure, suggests that many teens will pursue a __________ in order to step back from their responsibilities and take sometime to explore alternatives.
    c. psychological moratorium
  9. During adolescence, according to eric erikson, adolescents are in the ___________ stage of striving to become aware of the uniqueness of self.
    b. identity-versus-identity confusion
  10. "When I was a boy I didn't look for help from my parents. If there was somethign I wanted, I went out and earned it." This perspective from the past suggests a possible divide between parent and child
    d. generation gap.
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