Suffixes Veterinary Medicine

  1. -ac
    Pretaining to

    Example: Cardiac (Pretaining to the Heart)
  2. -al
    Pretaining to

    Example: Renal (Pretaining to the kidney)
  3. -an
    Pretaining to

    Example: Overian (Pretaining to the ovary)
  4. -ar
    Pretaining to

    Example: Lumbar (Pretaining to the loin, lower back)
  5. -ary
    Pretaining to

    Example: Alimentary (Pretaining to the gastrointestinal tract)
  6. -eal
    Pretaining to

    Example: Laryngeal (pretaining to the larynx)
  7. -ic
    Pretaining to

    Example: Enteric (pretaining to the intestines)
  8. -ine
    Pretaining to

    Example: Uterine (Pretaining to the uterus)
  9. -ous
    Pretaining to

    Example: Cutaneous (pretaining to the skin)
  10. -tic
    Pretaining to

    Example: Nephrotic (pretaining to the kidneys)
  11. -ectomy
    Surgical removal

    Example: Mastectomy is the surgical removal of the breast or mammary glands.
  12. -pexy
    Suture to stabilize

    Example: Gastropexy is surgically stabilizing the stomach to the abdominal wall.
  13. -plasty
    Surgical repair

    Example: Rhinoplasty is the surgical repair of the nose.
  14. -stomy
    Surgically created opening

    Example: Colostomy is a surgical opening between the colon and body surface.
  15. -tomy
    Cutting into

    Example: Laparotomy is an incision into the abdomen.
  16. -centesis
    Surgical puncture to remove fluid or gas (for diagnosis or for treatment to remove excess fluid or gas)

    Example: Cystocentesis a surgical puncture of the urinary bladder with a needle to remove fluid (urine).
  17. -gram
    Record of

    Example: Electrocardiogram is the electrocardiographic hard copy.
  18. -graph
    Instrument that records (or used as a record)

    Example: Electrocardiograph is the machine that records the electrical activity of the heart.
  19. -graphy
    Procedure that records

    Electrocardiography is the procedure used to record the electrical activity of the heart.
  20. -lysis
    Separation or breakdown

    Example: Urinalysis is the separation of urine into its consitituents.
  21. -scope
    Instrument used to visually examine

    Example: Endoscope is an instrument use to visually examine inside of the body.
  22. -scopy
    Procedure to visually examine

    Example: Endoscopy is a procedure to visually examine inside the body.
  23. -therapy

    Example: Chemotherapy is a treatment with chemical substances or drugs.
  24. -rragia or -rrhage
    Brusting forth

    Example: Hemorrhage is brusting forth of blood vassels.
  25. -rrhaphy
    To suture

    Example: Enterorrhaphy is suturing the intestines.
  26. -rrehea
    Flow or discharge

    Example: Diarrhea is complete discharge of the bowels.
  27. -rrhexis

    Example: Myorrhexis is the rupture of the muscel.
  28. -algia

    Example: Arthralgia is joint pain
  29. -dynia

    Example: Arthrodynia is joint pain.
  30. -itis

    Example: Hepatitis is the inflammation of the liver.
  31. -malacia
    Abmormal softening

    Example: Osteomalacia is abnormal softening of bone.
  32. -megaly

    Example: Cardiomegaly is enlargement of the heart.
  33. -osis
    Abnormal condition

    Example: Cardiosis is an abnormal heart condition
  34. -pathy

    Example: Enteropathy is a disease of the small intestine.
  35. -sclerosis
    Abnormal hardening

    Example: Artiosclerosis is the abnormal harding of arteris.
  36. -um

    Example: Pericardium is the structure surrounding the heart.
  37. Cyanosis
    a noun meaning condition of blue discoloration
  38. Cyanotic
    An adjective meaning pertaining to blue discoloration.
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