Aikido Terms

  1. Aikido
    Way of harmony with the spirit of the universe
  2. Aite
    Training partner
  3. Atemi
  4. Budo
    way of martial arts
  5. Deshi
  6. Gaeshi
    Reverse or Turn
  7. Hanmi
    Aikido stance
  8. Ai hanmi
    (harmonious) left to left
  9. Gyaku hanmi
    (opposite) mirrored stance
  10. Handachi or hanmi handachi
    kneeling technique against standing attacker
  11. Hantai
    Reverse or opposite
  12. Hara
    Lower abdomen
  13. Henka
    variation on technique
  14. Hidari
  15. Irimi
  16. Dori
  17. Kaeshi Waza
    Counter technique
  18. Kaiten
  19. Kokyu
  20. Mae
  21. Migi
  22. Nage
    Partner executing technique
  23. Omote
  24. Rei
  25. Uke
    partner receiving technique
  26. Ukemi
    falling or rolling
  27. Ura
  28. Domo arigato gozaimashita
    Thank You
  29. Shomenuchi
    front on strike
  30. Yoko
  31. Shinko Waza
    Knee Walk with Spin
  32. Hai Shi Uke
    Wing Block
  33. Gaydon Mori Uke
    Low Sweep Block
  34. Te Uke
    Hand Block
  35. onegai shimasu
    Please (I request of you)

    • (do-mo) arigato- gozaimasu (gozaimashita)
    • You earn(ed) my thanks (very much)
  36. aikido
    The way of blending energy
  37. uke
    attacker (one being thrown)
  38. nage
    a throw, or the thrower
  39. hanmi
    stance with one foot forward
  40. ai-hanmi
    two matching han-mi stances
  41. gyaku-hanmi
    two opposite han-mi stances
  42. irimi
    entering move
  43. omote
  44. ura
  45. ikkyo
    first technique
  46. nikkyo
    second technique
  47. sankyo
    third technique
  48. suwari waza
    sitting-style (on knees and toes)
  49. Tai sabaki
  50. Migi
  51. Hidari
  52. Tenkan
    A turning movement involving sweeping the backward leg 180º and changing directions
  53. Tenkai
    A pivot 180º without moving the leg position
  54. Tenshin
    Stepping backwards at a 45º angle off the line of attack
  55. Shomenuchi
    Direct overhead downward stroke
  56. Yokomenuchi
    Diagonal downward blow
  57. Tsuki
    Punch (esp to abdomen)
  58. Tekubi
  59. Ushiro
  60. Ushiro tekubi tori
    Rear wrist grab
  61. Kata
  62. Tori
  63. Kata tori
    Taking the shoulder
  64. Katate
  65. Katate tori
    Taking a wrist
  66. Morotetori
    Taking a wrist with two hands
  67. Ryotetori
    taking one wrist in each hand
  68. Eritori
    Taking by the collar
  69. Hijitori
    Taking the elbow
  70. Kubishime
  71. Men
    Head or face
  72. Uchi
    the inside
  73. Waza
  74. Yonkyo
    Fourth technique, using nerve pressure point
  75. Gokyo
    Fifth technique
  76. Shiho nage
    Four directions throw
  77. Kotegaeshi
    Wrist-twist: using outward spiral
  78. Irimi nage
    Entering throw
  79. Kokkyu
  80. Kokkyu nage
    Breath throw (uke redirected without immobilization)
  81. Koshi
  82. Koshinage
    Hip throw
  83. Kaiten
  84. Kaitennage
    Rotary throw
  85. Udekimenage
    A throw applying pressure to the underside of uke’s elbow
  86. Jujinage
    Plus-sign (number ten) throw: crossing uke's arms
  87. Ten
  88. Chi
  89. Tenchi Nage
    Throw using upward and downward energy
  90. Sumiotoshi
    Corner throw
  91. Aikiotoshi
    A throw in which nage pins uke’s legs together
  92. Ude
  93. Osae
  94. ai hanmi
    uke and nage engage with the same foot forward
  95. atemi
    a strike to distract or unbalance your partner
  96. bokken
    wooden sword
  97. dan
    grade or rank
  98. gi
    training uniform
  99. gyaku hanmi
    uke and nage engage with opposite feet forward
  100. hakama
    a divided, pant-like skirt
  101. hanmi
  102. hanmi handachi
    nage sits seiza, uke attacks from standing
  103. hara
    lower abdomen, center
  104. iaido
    the art of drawing the sword
  105. irimi
  106. jiyuwaza
    free practice, no specified technique
  107. jo
    short wooden staff
  108. kamiza
    • literally "place for spirits", a shrine at the head of the dojo usually containing a
    • picture of O-Sensei, calligraphy, and flowers
  109. kaiten
    turn, to turn in place without moving the feet
  110. katatetori
    wrist grab
  111. katatori
    lapel grab
  112. kokyu
    breath, ki
  113. kohai
    junior student
  114. kyu
    aikido rank (before dan rank)
  115. ma-ai
    distance between uke and nage
  116. misogi
  117. morotetori
    two hands grabbing one wrist
  118. nage
    throw/the person who throws
  119. obi
  120. omote
    moving in front (forward)
  121. randori
    multiple attack, freestyle
  122. ryokatatori
    two-handed lapel grab
  123. ryotetori
    two-handed wrist grab
  124. sempai
    senior student
  125. sensei
    teacher, instructor
  126. seiza
    formal sitting posture
  127. shikko
    knee walking
  128. shomenuchi
    a straight overhead cutting strike
  129. suburi
    basic weapons forms
  130. suwari waza
    nage and uke both work from seiza
  131. tai no henko
    a basic blending practice
  132. tanden
    point just below the navel (hara)
  133. tanto
  134. tenkan
    to turn
  135. tsuki
    a thrusting strike
  136. uke
    the person who gives the attack and receives the technique
  137. ukemi
    the practice of receiving the technique and falling
  138. ura
    moving behind, turning
  139. ushiro
  140. yokomenuchi
    an angled overhead cutting stroke
  141. zanshin
    unbroken awareness
  142. zazen
    sitting meditation
  143. ichi
  144. ni
  145. san
  146. shi/yon
  147. go
  148. roku
  149. shichi
  150. hachi
  151. kyu
  152. ju
  153. seiza
    classic sitting posture
  154. shikko
    knee walking
  155. suwari
  156. suwari waza
    sitting techniques
  157. kamae
  158. tachiwaza
    standing techniques
  159. hanmi
    half-body stance
  160. ai-hanmi
    to face one another in identical stance
  161. gyaku-hanmi
    mirror image stance
  162. atemi
    defensive feint or blow
  163. soto
    turn in, move outside partner's arm
  164. uchi
    turn out, move insideor under parnter's arm
  165. te
  166. kubi
  167. tekubi
  168. kata
  169. katatori
    shoulder grabbes
  170. katatetori
    one wrist grabbed
  171. ryo
  172. ryotetori
    both wrists grabbed
  173. morotetori
    two hands on one
  174. ushiro
    from behind
  175. ushiro tekubitori
    both wrist grabbed from behind
  176. ushiro tyokatatori
    both shoulders grabbed from behind
  177. kokyunage
    one breath throw
  178. shionage
    four corners (four directions) Throw
  179. jujinage
    crossed arms throw
  180. kaitenage
    rotary throw
  181. koshinage
    hip throw
  182. irminage
    entering throw
  183. tenchinage
    heaven and earth throw
  184. tsuki
    front straight punch
  185. shomenuchi
    top (front) strike
  186. yokomonuchi
    side (oblique) strike
  187. kotegaeshi
    wrist turn out
  188. kotemanwari
    wrist turn in (nikkyo)
  189. kotekhineri
    Wrist twist (sankyo)
  190. sumi otoshi
    corner drop
  191. ryotetori kokyunage
    both wrists grabbed, one breath throw
  192. ushiro katatori kotegaeshi
    shoulder grabbed from behind, wrist turn out
  193. irimi
    entering movment
  194. tenkan
    turning movement
  195. tenshin
    moving back on a 45 degree angle
  196. omote
    to move to the front of uke
  197. ura
    to move behing uke
  198. ukemi
    the art of falling
  199. ago
    chin, jaw
  200. ago tsuki-age
    a strike or push to the chin
  201. aiki-nage
    to throw an attacker without touching him. letting his force execute the throw
  202. aiki-taiso
    aikido exersies performed solo, embodying aiki principles
  203. ashi
  204. ashi-sabaki
    foot,feet or leg movment or placement
  205. ate-waza
    striking arts or techniques
  206. eri-tori
    collar grasp
  207. fune-kogi
    rowing motion
  208. fune-kogi-undo
    rowing motion exercise
  209. furi
    to swing
  210. furitama
    settling ons ki; a shaking motion used to settle ons ki
  211. ganmen
    the face; the front of the head; and attack to that area
  212. gokyo
    fith classification of pinning/locking technique
  213. gyaku
  214. gyaku-te
    opposite hand, opposite side
  215. hanmi-handashi
    two opponents facing off where one is sitting and the other is standing
  216. hansha
    reflection; same side
  217. hantai
    opposite; the opposite side
  218. happo
    eight directions
  219. happo-undo
    eight directional exercise
  220. hara
    abodomen; the one point
  221. harai
    a sweeping motion
  222. hazushi
    the point at which the ukes grip or grasp on nage is broken
  223. hidari
  224. hiji-tori
    elbow grb; to grasp the elbow
  225. ganmen-uchi
    A straight attack to the face
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