Bootstrap and Responsive Web Design

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  1. Name the 3 pillars of responsive web design
    • 1) Fluid grids
    • 2) Flexible images
    • 3) Media queries
  2. Who was initially responsible for introducing the concept of responsive web design?
    • Ethan Marcotte, May 25, 2010
    • "Responsive Web Design", A List Apart

    Responsive web design uses "media queries" to determine the resolution of the device it's being served on.  Flexible images and fluid grids then size correctly to fit the screen.
  3. Describe the concept of fluid grids;
    • Break up the website's layout into modules that can be moved and resized as needed
    • Provides a framework for organizing content
    • The elements in the layout resize their widths in relation to one another
    • The process uses percentages, not pixels
    • This entails complex math
  4. How many pixels are standard in a full screen view of a website?
    960 pixels but typically the center 940 pixels are used and can be divided up proportionately for use in a fluid grid system.  960 pixels fits on a majority of screens and is easily divided as needed for collapsing columns.
  5. What are the possible grid column divisions used in responsive web design?
    12 column or 16 column
  6. Describe the equation for determining column proportions for responsive design;
    target / context = results

    • Component size is not set in pixels but in proportional terms
    • Columns are a percentage of the size of it's contained elements
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