Passato Prossimo w/ Essere

  1. Passato Prossimo w/ Essere
    • expresses motion or change of state / lack of
    • follows the form of avere
    • and must agree with gender and plural or singular
  2. For example, Andare
    to go
  3. sono andato/a
    I went
  4. sei andato/a
    you went
  5. è andato/a
    he/she/it went
  6. siamo andati/e
    we went
  7. siete andati/e
    you went (plural)
  8. sono andati/e
    they went
  9. Verbs used with essere in passato prossimo
  10. cadere
    to fall
  11. costare
    to cost
  12. diventare
    to become
  13. entrare
    to enter
  14. essere
    to be
  15. morire
    to die
  16. nascere
    to be born
  17. piacere
    to please
  18. restare
    to stay/remain
  19. rimanere
    to remain/stay
  20. salire
    to climb, to get on
  21. scendere
    to go down
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Passato Prossimo w/ Essere
Passato Prossimo w/ Essere