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  1. The purchase or sale of human organs or tissue is strictly forbidden under the National Organ Transplant Act.
  2. If a widowed male with two children is on life support, the law of intestacy allows the oldest child to make medical decisions.
  3. Because of how it is written, the UDDA requires that both conditions be present in order for a person to be declared clinically dead: 1) irreversible brain function, AND 2) irreversible circulatory and pulmonary function.
  4. When determining potential recipients of a donated organ, one criteria utilized is the size of the organ being donated.
  5. In the denial phase of grief, a person will give something up (such as smoking or eating chocolate) in exchange for removal of the stressor.
  6. Of the different types of euthanasia, voluntary and involuntary only applies to passive euthanasia.
  7. The outcome of an EEG and an apnea test help doctors determine whether a person has met the clinical definition of death.
  8. Approaching family members about performing euthanasia should only be done by people who have been trained in discussing euthanasia
  9. The approval of a donor recipient’s application means that an organ has been identified for transplant.
  10. If a person in California has been identified as an organ recipient, they may have to travel to New York on a moment’s notice to receive an organ.
  11. Which of the following is a suggested act for states to use to set criteria for when a patient has clinically expired?
  12. In order for a person to be declared clinically dead under the UDDA, the condition has to be what?.
  13. If the person whom you designate to be your healthcare proxy declines that responsibility, how is the new guardian determined?
    The law of intestacy replaces the healthcare proxy.
  14. What type of euthanasia is NOT performing DPR when a person’s heart stops?
  15. Death with Dignity Laws allow for what type of euthanasia?
    Passive Voluntary Euthanasia
  16. The stage of grief that most people have difficulty escaping, and the one that causes the most concern for healthcare is what?
  17. What are the two most common issues that occur that cause a judge to intervene?
    The removal of life support and identifying which person is allowed to make the decision.
  18. What written document do you create that indicates what your wishes are while you are still alive?
    Living Will
  19. If the healthcare providers cannon ascertain the meaning of your living will, who do they turn to?
    Healthcare proxy first and Law of Intestacy second.
  20. What stage is typically the shortest-lived phase of the grieving process?
  21. The strong sense of respect found in some Hispanic cultures is thought to have arisen from the great disparity between the socioeconomic class structures.
  22. In Asian cultures, the practice of bathing a body after it has expired is thought to restore the wuzho/marime of the body before it transcends into the afterlife.
  23. Because of the Gypsies belief in the pure and the impure, if an amulet is removed from a patient, it should be kept at the patient’s feet to keep it pure.
  24. Because of the “evil eye”, Christian Scientists rarely want anyone to look at their newborn and may ask that the child’s face be covered in a cloth during their stay in the hospital.
  25. A transgender or transsexual person should be addressed by their anatomical gender.
  26. Followers of Islam are taught to treat the body with respect; therefore, cremation is not allowed and autopsies are not performed unless required by law.
  27. As healthcare providers, we need to understand why some ethnicities, cultures, and religions have unique beliefs so that we can explain and educate them as to why different healthcare approaches to are not followed
  28. Because you are providing healthcare, if not provided, it is considered appropriate to ask a Native American what their tribal name is so that you can address them correctly.
  29. Because of pure and impure beliefs by some Gypsies, they prefer to have children delivered at home.
  30. Perhaps the main issue related to the healthcare concerns of the LGBT community is legal recognition of relationships.
  31. Which ethnicity, instead of admitting pain, may tell a story about a friend, neighbor, or animal that experienced pain during battle or on the hunt?
    Native American
  32. The women of which Ethnicity are traditionally stoic and complacent; however, childbirth is an exception where women are allowed to outwardly express their emotion?
  33. Most of these people are very dynamic, and have what can appear to be an almost exaggerated communication style.
  34. Which group believes that God is a healer and rarely seeks outside medical assistance?
  35. What may be the reason some Mormons are modest and may be hesitant about disrobing in front of healthcare providers?
    Temple Garments (Magic Underwear)
  36. The differentiation between spiritual and material existence may explain why some of these people do not use traditional medicine and healing practices.
    Christian Scientists
  37. Which religion performs a religious ceremony for newborn male, part of which includes circumcision?
  38. Direct eye contact can be considered rude or aggressive in some cultures and ethnicities. Which Culture/Ethnicity does not?
  39. Which group believes that a mother and newborn should remain indoors after delivery?
    Native American
  40. During the death and dying process, which groups will typically place a guard in the patient’s room?
    Gypsies and Judaism
  41. The topic of bioethics is always controversial because it involves the ethics of life.
  42. In order to perform laboratory testing, a company must first apply for a clinical trial
  43. In order for a clinical trial application to be approved, a majority of board members present must vote in favor of the application.
  44. If a new medication for high blood pressure is in Phase 2 of Clinical Trials, people enrolled in this phase cannot have high blood pressure.
  45. After a Phase 3 Clinical Trial is complete, if the IRG gives their approval, physicians will be able to prescribe the medication to the general public
  46. One of the possibilities that may result from cloning is the ability to create human tissue or even complete organs for donation.
  47. Part of the confusion related to testing and experimentation is that they mean the same thing.
  48. In the clinical trial process, informed consent only applies to the Phase 2 who are actually receiving the medication being tested.
  49. Part of the reason why stem cells are being researched is because stem cells can develop into three different layers of tissue.
  50. If the cephalic portion of the brain does not develop, a child is unable to interpret pain or express moods or feelings.
  51. Which ethical principle addresses on of the most difficult aspects of research: Should research be performed, and if so, how should it proceed?
  52. In which Phases of the Clinical Trial process do all participants receive the medication that is being researched?
    Phases 1 and 3
  53. The main ethical issue surrounding the stem cell controversy relates to this.
    Where the stem cells are obtained.
  54. Which of the following procedures is associated with abortion? Fetal Reduction, Stem Cell Research, Anencephaly
    All of the above
  55. What was one of the first tasks undertaken by the Research Commission?
    Identified the ethical principles that should be utilized in research that involves humans.
  56. Which of the clinical trial phases is the IRB involved in?
    All of them.
  57. The recent occurrence of the avian flu, is used by critics to argue against this medical procedure.
  58. What procedure has not yet been attempted because it is only theoretical?
    Cryonics reversal
  59. The self-donation of organs or tissue is associate with which procedure?
    Stem Cell Research and Cloning
  60. What condition are the terms cephalopagus, crainopagus, and ishipagus associate with?
    Conjoined twins
  61. The United States is first among industrialized nations when it comes to the impact of medical care on society.
  62. The Global Burden of Disease (GBD) uses information about diseases and injuries to determine their impact on life expectancy.
  63. The SNS is an organization dedicated to the study of medicine in space.
  64. Under the PPACA, anyone who is not covered by an insurance policy will have a financial fine levied against them.
  65. While many states are considering Physician Hour Limitations laws, only a few states have been successful in passing them.
  66. Concern has been raised over the use of robotics in medicine because of the possibility of mechanical failure.
  67. Lifetime dollar limits have caused many Americans with devastating and debilitating diseases to go without health insurance.
  68. Under the PPACS, both individuals and businesses can purchase insurance through The Health Insurance Exchange.
  69. One of the main themes of the PPACA was to create a program that would provide healthcare coverage for all Americans.
  70. One provision of the PPACA will expand and improve the prescription drug coverage program for Medicare Part D.
  71. Which of the following statements about insurance in America is true? The number of people without insurance has increased each year, The number of people with private health insurance has decreased each year, the number of people covered by Medicaid and Medicare has increased each year.
    All of the above
  72. Which clause of the PPACA levies a fine against individuals who are not covered by health insurance?
    Health Insurance Exchange Clause
  73. The bundled payment system incorporated into the PPACA is similar (but more comprehensive) than what system?
    DRG system
  74. One of the problems contributing to the nursing shortage is what?
    More nurses are leaving the profession than entering it.
  75. Which of the following staffing ratio law requirements has created the most discussion and controversy?
    Mandate specific nurse-to-patient ratios.
  76. The lack of regulatory guidelines and the possibility of unintended consequences are the biggest concerns in this field.
  77. Under PPACA, parents can keep their children on their insurance until what age?
  78. Critics of staffing ratio laws point this out.The patient census can fluctuate, They cannot turn patients away, There is a nursing shortage
    All of the above
  79. Which professions are limited to the number of hours that they can work?
    Pilots and Truck Drivers
  80. Legislatures are hopeful that professional organizations will self-regulate and not require legislative intervention in regards to limiting physician hours.
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