ACAD Review

  1. True Power is that portion of apparent power
    that is actually dissipated in the load and is measured in watts
  2. Which one of the following is at a relatively high value when a centrifugal pump operates at shutoff head
    Available net positive suction head
  3. A neutron that possesses the same kinetic energy as its surroundings is called a _______ neutron.
  4. The density of seawater is 64.3 ibm per cubic foot. What is the pressure in PSIA 75 feet below the surface of the ocean?
    • 48.2.
    • 35 feet below sea level is 1 atmosphere or 14.7 PSIA.
    • 70 feet would be 2 atmospheres or 29.4
    • 75 feet would be 33.5 plus the atmosphere above sea level which is another 14.7
  5. The main reason for keeping condensate out of the steam lines is to
    prevent water/steam hammer
  6. To equal the heat transfer capabilities of a counter-flow heat exchanger a parallel flow heat exchanger must
    have more heat transfer area
  7. Which one of the following operations will cause a decrease in available net positive suction head for a centrifugal pump?
    throttling open the pump discharge valve.
  8. Phase of the reactor coolant at the core exit, inside the reactor vessel
  9. During normal plant operation at power a crack in the shell of the main condenser that results in a decreased condenser vacuum.
    higher absolute pressure
  10. The condition where two phases of a substance coexist at a given temp & pressure is called
  11. Condensate depression is a term that describes the
    amount of condensate sub-cooling in the condenser hotwell
  12. Mass contained in a unit volume of a substance
  13. Delayed neutron Fraction
    # of fission neutrons born as delayed neutrons/# of neutrons born from fission
  14. An operator should never attempt to manually engage the motor on a motor operated valve whose motor is operating because it might damage the________
    Worm gear pinion
  15. If the pressure sensed by a bourdon tube increases the curvature of the detector will ______ because of the greatest force being applied to the ______ curve of the detector
    decrease, outer
  16. If the steam pressure input to a density compensated steam flow instrument fails high, the indicated flow rate will__________
    increase, because the density input had increased
  17. Which one of the following types of radiation upon entering an ion chamber radiation detector will result in the greatest pulse size
  18. Geiger-Muller tube radiation detector are able to ______
    make use of gas amplification
  19. The level in an OPEN tank is monitored by a differential pressure transmitter using ambient pressure for a reference. The tank and transmitter are both located within the aux buidling.
    If a large exhaust fan is started, lowering the air pressure in the building indicated level will ________
    not be affected.

    Open tank and open reference would have the same change when the atmosphere changed
  20. A reactor is classified as subcritical when Keff is _______ and the reactor does not have a self supporting _______
    less than 1, chain reaction
  21. The purpose of a demineralizerl is to _______
    reduce conductivity and corrosion and wear products
  22. Ammonia, NH3, is a result of the use of what scavenging agent during reactor operations at high tempatures
  23. Which of the following methods is NOT used to remove dissolved oxygen from reactor water
    ion exchange
  24. Which chemical reaction represents the reduction step of the oxidation reduction process
    H2O+ + e- >>> H + H2O
  25. Gas binding in a centrifugal pump is a condition in which the pump
    Volute is filled with steam or air
  26. Identify three types of bulk defects commonly found in structural materials
    crack, gas space, inclusion
  27. The stress at which a pre-determined amount of permanent deformation of a material occurs is called the
    Yield Strength
  28. Toughness is
    The work required to deform one cubic inch of material until it fractures
  29. Image Upload 2
    Heatup Stress Profile
  30. Image Upload 4
    Cooldown Stress Profile
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