Chain of command

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  1. Commander in chief (president)
    • Barak Obama
    • Is the head of the armed forces as mandated by the constitution. He is responsible for initiating military action in support of our national interests. He can submit to congress the intent to declare war which congress must approve in order to actually wage war.
  2. Secretary of defense
    • Ashton B Carter
    • Principal defense advisor to president. Formulation of general defense policy and policy related to DOD.
  3. Secretary of the navy
    • Ray Mabus
    • Policies and control of DON organization, admin, ops and efficiency.
  4. Chief of naval operations (CNO)
    • John Richardson
    • Navy rep of JCS. Keeps SECNAV informed of JCS activities and responsible to the president and SECDEF for external don duties.
  5. Fleet commander in charge (CINC)
  6. Operating forces
    ships, crafts classified and organized into command by type.
  7. Type commander (TYCOM)
    Responsible for the ships that make up the operational numbered fleets.
  8. MCPON
    • Stevens
    • Navy’s senior enlisted member. Serves as senior enlisted rep of the navy and as senior enlisted adviser to the CNO in all matters pertaining to enlisted personnel and their families.
  9. Fleet master chief
    He or she is the principal enlisted advisor to the fleet CINC.
  10. Force master chief
    Principal enlisted advisers to commanding officers. Have the responsibility of keeping the co up to date on situations, procedures, and practices that affect the welfare, morale, and well being of the enlisted crew.
  11. Command master chief - CMC
    Enlisted adviser to co. Keeps the co up to date on situations, procedures, and practices that affect the welfare, morale, and well being of the enlisted crew and their families.
  12. CO
    • the responsibilities of the CO are absolute until relieved by competent authority
    • CO’s position is quasi-judicial. It is legislative, judicial, and executive. His power is authoritarian and complete. He has the ultimate responsibility for the ship and everything pertaining to the ship.
    • Power is vested to the CO by the UCMJ to impose limited punishment. This power may not be delegated.
  13. XO
    • direct rep of the co in maintaining the military and general efficiency of the ship.
    • Arranges and coordinates all ship’s work, drills and exercises, the personnel organization, policing of the ship, and inspections. Xo sits as head of the planning board for training.
  14. Department head
    representative of the co in all matters pertaining to the department. Conforms to the policies and complies with orders of the co. Reports to the co for the operational readiness of the department. Reports to the xo for admin matters and keeps the xo informed of reports made to the co.
  15. Division officer
    responsible under the dept head for the proper performance of the duties assigned his division and performance of his subordinates. Enlisted person’s major link in the chain of command.
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