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  1. Act: I
    • 1. Introduction of the characters and their relationship to others in the play
    • 2. Setting and location of play
    • 3. Basic thematic issue and conflict is set forth
    • 4. Disguising to accomplish a goal
  2. Act: II
    • 1. Basic conflict is complicated by additional obstacles
    • 2. Additional antagonists are introduced, that may or may not aid the chief antagonist
    • 3. Our protagonist's outcome is unclear, but they generally wish to live a long and happy life
  3. Act: III
    • 1. Our protagonist is mostly on top of the world here, for a short time
    • 2. The climax(?) appears here and our protagonist's journey begins to unravel
    • 3. The largest portion of dramatic action takes place here
  4. Act: IV
    • 1. The protagonist and antagonist settle their conflict and the outcome is determined
    • 2. A final suspenseful moment with several possible outcomes is often played out
  5. Act: V
    • 1. The equalizing effects of the "good moment" and "bad moment" and their effects on every character are shown
    • 2. Loose ends and characters final moments are tied up
    • 3. The bodies begin to pile up
    • 4. The protagonist is left with nothing
    • 5. There is a return to some form of equilibrium
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