Principle of AO

  1. Principles of AO fixation
    1. Anatomic Reduction\n2. Rigid Fixation\n3. Preservation of blood supply\n4. Early ROM
  2. Cortical vs Cancellous screw
    Cortical has 1) smaller pitch\n2) smaller rake angle 3) small diff btwn thread diam and core diam 4) cortical is stronger\n\n(cancellous are self tapping)
  3. AO Lag technique steps
    Underdrill/predrill thread hole – length of entire bone\nOverdrill glide hole – near cortex\nCountersink\nMeasure\nTap – creates threads in far cortex\nInsert screw
  4. Benefits of Countersinking
    Prevent stress risers\nReduce soft tissue irritation\nAllow even compression from screw head
  5. How long does it take before vicryl absorbs?
    80% absorbed in 21 days
  6. Order of a lateral release in a McBride
    1. Extensor hood\n2. Add Hal tendon\n3. Fib sesamoid lig\n4. lateral collateral lig\n5. FHB\n6. fib sesamoid removal
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Principle of AO
Principles of AO