Podiatry Boards Part 2

  1. What is sequestrum?
    Piece of necrotic bone that as separated from the surrounds healthy tissue.
  2. What is an involucrum?
    Sheath of new bone that forms around a squestrum.
  3. What are the classification systems of OM?
    • Waldvogel
    • 1-Hematogenous OM
    • 2-Contiguous focus OM (Direct extension-puncture)
    • 3-OM associated with vascular disease
    • 4-Chronic OM

    • Clerny-Mader
    • 1-Medularry OM
    • 2-Superficial OM
    • 3-Localed OM
    • 4-Diffuse OM
  4. How much of boney resoprtion must occur to detect osseous changes on xray?
    • 30-50% and this could take 10-14 days
    • -Always take xrays for infection to create a baseline
  5. What is the definitive diagnosis for OM?
    Bone biopsy
  6. What are the common antibiotics used with PMMA beads? (Polymethylmethacrylate Impregnated Beads)
    • Gentamycin (Only one that is not heat labile)
    • Cephalosporins
    • Tobramycin
    • Vancomycin
    • Ticarcillin

    Remove at 2-4 weeks (Teauscant says 2 weeks max)
  7. What is a papineau bone graft?
    Technique for filling bone defects. Small cancellous chips are packed into bone deficits when the wound is granular.
  8. What are the qualifiers for antibiotic selection of the PMMA beads?
    • H20 Soluble
    • Nontoxic to tissue
    • Bactericidal if possible
    • Available in powder form
    • heat stable if used with PMMA
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