Podiatry Boards Part 2 (14)

  1. Appearance?
    Dorsum of the foot is in contract with the anterolateral leg
  2. In what position is the talus?
    • Plantar flexed
    • All angles of flat foot here
  3. The casting and timing is the same as a club foot but?
    • Foot is PF
    • FF adducted
    • RF neutral or inverted
  4. Osseous procedures about the same as a flatfoot surgery?
  5. What is the most rigid form of flat foot?
    Verticle talus (Persian Slipper Foot)
  6. What are some possible causes of veritcal talus?
    • Spina bifida
    • Arthrogryphosis
    • Chromosomal abnormality (trisomy)
    • ┬áNeural tube defects
    • CP
    • Polio
    • Spinal muscular atriphy
    • Hurler's
    • Marfan
  7. In verticle talus what is the shape of the navicular?
    Wedge, plantar atrophy
  8. Verticle talus has severe PF of ankle joint or DF?
    PF, tibia articulates with posterior 1/3 of the talus
  9. What is palpable in the rockerbottom foot?
    Talar head
  10. What is osteochondritis of the navicualr?
  11. What trisomies are seen in verticle talus foot?
    13, 15, 18
  12. What causes intoeing?
    • 1-3 y/o
    • Interinal tibial torsion
    • Met Addutucs

    • >3 y/o
    • Internal femoral torsion
  13. What are common tx for tobial torsion?
    • Stretching
    • Sleeping positions
    • Bars: Denis-Browne, Ganly Splint, Counter Rotation System
    • Braces
    • Wheaton Telescoping Brace
    • Orthotics
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Podiatry Boards Part 2 (14)
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