Review ch1-5 part 2

  1. According to Kant, the moral value of an action depends upon
    the underlying moral rule
  2. According to the second formulation of the Categorical Imperative,
    it is wrong for one person to “use” another.
  3. Two philosophers closely associated with utilitarianism are
    Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill
  4. Plato was responsible for writing ____, a dialogue from the fourth century BC that asks “is goodness loved by the gods because it is good, or is it good because it is loved by the gods?”
  5. Contractarianism stems from the writings of ____.
    Thomas Hobbes
  6. Which of these is not, according to Bayles, one of the common features present in most professions?

  7. Neither the ACM Code of Ethics nor the ACM/IEEE Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice provides the basis of a profession according to _____________.
    Michael Davis
  8. The definition of ‘professional’ that includes the least attributes is that of ____________.
    The Good Works Project
  9. The ____ Amendment is sometimes, but not always interpreted as a protection for the “right to be let alone.”
  10. ”... what is whispered in the closet shall be proclaimed from the house-tops” is a quote from which of the following?
    Warren and Brandeis
  11. involves the public display of certain highly private aspects of a person’s body or emotions; typically depictions of people in death, sickness, or grief.
  12. The Panopticon is a prison design  used by __________ as a metaphor for the role of surveillance in modern society.
  13. The ____ case was heard by the Supreme Court and overturned a conviction based on an activity although being illegal was considered private and fell outside the jurisdiction of the government.
    Stanley vs. Georgia
  14. analyzed the requirements for the software written for the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station and demonstrated that some requirements were not clear enough.
  15. Computer security experts and hackers are often able to decrypt material and produce a version that is usable on any device; to prevent this, the U.S. Congress passed a law in 1998 called the ____
    Digital Millennium Copyright Act
  16. Contributory  infringement was charged against _____________.
  17. DeCSS is a program that removes the copy protection from DVD and was made available to download by
  18. A(n) ____ is a legally registered word, phrase, symbol, or other item that identifies a particular product, service, or corporation.
    Trade mark
  19. It is possible to roughly calculate the number of executions required to exhaustively test a program; to make this calculation, you need to understand the concept of ____ points.
  20. Control programs are particularly difficult to test because they are commonly _________ programs
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