Civics Vocab Unit 3 Part 2

  1. misdemeanor
    a relatively minor offense
  2. opinion
    an explanation behind someone's legal thinking
  3. ordinance
    a city or county law
  4. original jurisdiction
    the authority to hear the case for the first time
  5. pardon
    forgiveness from punishment
  6. parole
    grant a prisoner early freedom
  7. plaintiff
    side filing a lawsuit
  8. plea bargain
    bargain to prove victim guilty
  9. precedent
    ruling used in similar, later cases
  10. remand
    to send a case back
  11. repeal
    to cancel a law
  12. reprieve
    to delay a person's punishment
  13. search warrannt
    court order to search a place
  14. settlement
    money victim pays prosecutor
  15. stare decisis
    using earlier rulings as a basis for cases
  16. statute
    law written by legislatives
  17. summons
    telling somoene to appear in court
  18. writ of habeas corpus
    tells an officer to bring a prisoner to court
  19. acquittal
    person isn't guilty untill charged
  20. arraignment
    act of arraigning someone
  21. bail
    temporary release of a person
  22. bill of attainder
    decree that person is on death penalty
  23. brief
    concise summary
  24. civil case
    case with private desputes
  25. complaint
    states plaintiff and lawsuit
  26. defendant
    person charged
  27. discovery
    gathering evidence
  28. dissenting opinion
    judge's opinion
  29. due process
    proceeding through normal judicial system
  30. ex post facto law
    law that changes legal consequences
  31. felony
    a serious crime
  32. grand jury
    a jury selected to examine accusion
  33. indictment
    a formal charge
  34. juvenile delinquent
    law breaker under 18
  35. lawsuit
    claim brought to court
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