Chapter 1 A&P

  1. Define Anatomy
    structure of body
  2. Define Physiology
    the function of the body
  3. 10 Characteristics of Life
    Responsiveness, Growth, Respiration, Movement, Circulation, Excretion, Digestion, Absorption, Assimilation, Reproduction
  4. 10 Levels of Organization
    & which 4 are considered chemical?
    1. Subatomic Particles 2. Atom 3. Molecule 4. Macromolecule 5. Organelle 6. Cell 7. Tissue 8. Organ 9. Organ System 10. Organism
  5. Define Homeostasis
    Maintaining the consistency of the bodys internal enviornment
  6. Dynamic Equilibrium
    constantly changing as it needs to to maintain homeostasis
  7. What is an Afferent Mechanism
    & what is another name for it?
    It is responsible for what monitoring what it happening... aka Sensory Receptor
  8. What is the Control Center?
  9. What is the Efferent Mechanism
    & what is another name for it?
    It corrects what the Afferent Mechanism detects is wrong... aka Motor Muscle/Gland
  10. S.A.M.E.
    Sensory=Afferent Motor=Efferent
  11. Part of the body incharge of maintaining homeostasis
  12. Stimulus
    detected by receptor
  13. Receptor
    produced by effector
  14. Receptor: monitors values of variables
    Control Center: establishes the set point
    Effector: changes values of variables
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