1. BS 6172
    The British Standard that covers the installation of gas cookers.
  2. The installation of gas cookers is covered by which standard.
    BS 6172
  3. What must all new gas cookers have.
    A CE mark on the data badge which shows the type of fuel to be use and manufacturers information.
  4. Used gas cookers can only be re-installed if they are what?
    Serviceable and safe, suitable for the gas type and have the MIs supplied.
  5. Where can gas cookers not be installed?
    • A room containing a bath or shower.
    • A bed sitting room with a volume less than 20m3.
  6. Flexible hoses used on the gas supply of cookers must conform to what standard?
    BS 669 Part 1
  7. The height an elbow of a cooker connection must be situated where.
    Approximately 750mm from the floor unless the manufacturer specifies otherwise.
  8. What is the maximum temperature rise that a flexible cooker hose can be subjected to?
  9. What is the minimum separation distance between gas pipework and electrical cabling.
  10. What must a free standing cooker have.
    A cooker stability bracket or a stability chain.
  11. What must a gas cooking appliance have if it is to be installed within a multi-occupancy building?
    It must be fitted with an FSD (e.g. a thermocouple, thermo-electric valve).
  12. What are the clearance requirements for a free standing cooker
    • 610mm above eye level grill
    • 150mm from cupboards
    • 20mm space between cooker and units
  13. What are the clearance requirements for a built in hob
    • 50mm either side
    • 460mm vertical distance between cupboards and work tops
    • 760mm nothing above the hob for this minimum height
    • horizontal distance between cupboards where hob is situated above, should be the width of the hob.
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