giusp - ventilation

  1. Ventilation. Open-flued and flueless appliances requiring a purpose provided permanent combustion air supply where none is provided.

    Ventilation provided via a redundant flue or chimney, is not regarded as purpose provided ventilation and may affect the safe operation of open-flued appliances.
  2. Ventilation. Open-flued appliance installed in a compartment requiring purpose-provided high and low-level permanent air supply, providing less than 90% of the requirement for each ventilator position.

    Both high and low ventilation are required. Correct sizing, position and configuration of air vents is essential to prevent vitiation occurring within the compartment.

    An air supply that is less than 10% undersized is unlikely to have a detrimental effect on the safe operation of the gas appliance.
  3. Ventilation. Open-flued and flueless appliances in rooms and internal spaces requiring a purpose-provided permanent combustion air supply with 0 to 89% of requirement.
    90 to 100% of requirement is acceptable under Standards.
  4. Ventilation. Air supply ventilators for open-flued and flueless appliances, which incorporate gauzes or fly screens or are closeable.
  5. Ventilation. Room-sealed appliances with signs of distress, where manufacturers requirements for compartment ventilation are undersized or not provided.

    Where there are no signs of distress due to overheating, this should be classified as NCS.
  6. Ventilation. Flueless cookers, installed in a room without direct access to outside air EG following the addition of a conservatory
  7. Ventilation. Flueless appliances including cookers, installed in a room of inadequate volume irrespective of ventilation provision.
  8. Ventilation. Compartment ventilation for open-flued appliances, cross ventilated i.e. from different sources (other than balanced compartments).

    Cross ventilation can impact on the safety of the appliance, therefore, the performance of the appliance should be checked.
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