Ceramics vocab terms

  1. The process of shaping plastic clay on a potters wheel
  2. A decomposed granite type rock. This material can be manipulated molded by hand, when moist.
  3. technique where wax is applied to a fired or unfired clay body
    wax resist
  4. The stage of clay between plastic and bone dry when the clay has dried, but may still be carved or joined to other pieces.
    leather hard
  5. Kneading plastic clay with fingers and heels of hands in rocking and spiral motion to force out trapped air pockets and develop a uniform texture
  6. The process of refining a leather hard shape with cutting tools. Used frequently when refining the bottom of a pottery form
  7. A horizontal turntable (motorized and kick) used for creating pottery forms
    potters wheel
  8. The base of a pot on which it stands
  9. A firing cycle to a temperature where ceramic materials will melt and form a glass-like surface coating
    glaze fire
  10. A firing process where clay and glazed ware is taken from the kiln when red-hot and glaze is molten
  11. The first firing of ceramic ware that hardens the boy. This firing is done before glazing.
    bisque fire
  12. A fluid suspension of clay in water used when joining clay pieces and for surface decoration.
  13. Leaving the bottom of a piece glaze free before firing. This can be achieved by applying wax resist or by cleaning.
    dry foot
  14. A reduction in size of the clay mass that occurs when water in the clay evaporates during drying and firing.
  15. Ceramic ware that has been fired once to a relatively low temperature and still maintains its porous state
  16. A furnace like structure built to fire clay at high temperatures
  17. A glazing technique here the entire ceramic piece is immersed into a vat of glaze
  18. A combination of materials (silica, alumina, fluxes) that are fired and fused to the surface of the clay and gives a glassy finish
  19. Clay that has been rolled in to long rope like shapes. Used for construction, attachment, and decoration.
  20. A mixture of different types of clay, minerals and other ingredients that are designed for a special purpose of workability
    clay body
  21. 5 stages of clay
    • 1. wet clay
    • 2. leather hard
    • 3. dry bone
    • 4. bisque ware
    • 5. glaze ware
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