sense be fooled

  1. parapsychology
    field that goes beyond psychology
  2. ESP
    6th sense
  3. law of simplicity
    law of pragnaz
    states every stimuli is perceived in most simple form
  4. gestalt theorists
    • our mind sees whole picture out of incomplete elements
    • more then the sum of their arts
  5. why do gestalt psychologists believe we group things together
    so we can place stimuli into certain perceivable groups
  6. founders of gestalt
    • wetheimer
    • kohler
    • koffka
  7. proximity
    objects close together appear to for groups
  8. continuity
    perceive a cross as two crossed lines instead of 4
  9. clousure
    people fill in missing information
  10. texture
    textures are grouped together
  11. common fate
    object moving same speed grouped
  12. common region
    located within same boudries grouped
  13. depth perception
    relies on stimuli cues
  14. motion parallax
    difference in relative movement between two objects give cues to their relative distance
  15. Gibson cliff experiment
    determine infants have depth perception
  16. monocular cues
    • relative size
    • interposition
    • texture gradient
    • shadowing
  17. binocular cues
    • binocular disparity
    • convergence
  18. binocular disparity
    both of our eyes are in different locatiosn so they receive slightly different images of the same object
  19. pulfich effect
    if you putĀ a dark lens on one eye it creates a signal transmission delay and brain responds more quickly to brighter objects
  20. stroboscopic
    used in flip books
  21. phi phenomenon
    series of lights appears as one moving light
  22. autpkinetic effect
    if spot is steady on wall people will think its moving because eye muscles become fatigued
  23. perceptual constancy
    ability to maintain constant perception
  24. moon illusion
    • size constancy
    • closer objects create larger imageas on retina
  25. shape constancy
    dif shapes at dif angls create dif images on retina evn when shape is the same
  26. perceptual illusion
    `innacurate interpretation of senses
  27. zollner
    black line parallel
  28. wundt
    horizontal lines parrallel
  29. frasiers spiral
    They are contiinous circles
  30. ebbinghaus
    the circles are same size
  31. ponzo
    lines same length
  32. poggendorf
    line is straight not offset
  33. muller lyer
    lines same length
  34. bottom up procesing
    • most accurate
    • uses fine details
  35. top down processing
    • use thoughts, motivation, and expectations
    • big picture to tiny details
  36. schemas
    generalized representations if how the world works
  37. perceptual set
    predisposition to perceiving something certain way
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