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  1. slime moulds
    • ex. Mucilago spp. 
    • non-parasitic disease
    • uses leaves of grasses just to support their reproductive structures  (shade leaf surface, prevent photosynthesis)
  2. Plasmodiophora brassicae
    • cause of club root in canola
    • hypertrophy and hyperplasia
    • causes culls->enlarged cells
  3. Spongospora subterranea
    • cause of powdery scab of potato
    • has spore balls on tubers
  4. Polymyxa graminis
    • vector of barley yellow mosaic virus
    • cystori formed in root cells
  5. Peronospora parasitica
    • cause of downy mildew
    • has large, finger-shaped haustoria that go into cells
    • a specialized hyphal structure that penetrates the host cell and absorbs nutrients
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Plasmodiophoromycota and haustoria
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