GCT to CP5 Physical Characteristics

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  1. What district RTC controls the Upper Level of GCT?
    District U, Ext. 3302
  2. What is the Road Channel used for GCT?
    Road Channel 2 78/78
  3. CP1 has the capability of displaying what two types of signals?
    Terminal Signals and Go-No-Go signals
  4. What are the two Ladders inside CP1?
    Ladder K and Ladder L
  5. What are  the Letter tracks on the Upper Level?
    C, D, E, G, H, I
  6. What are the Ladders inside the terminal on the upper level?
    M, O, X, Y
  7. What is the method of operation in the terminal through CP1?
    IR/ CSS
  8. What is the MAS inside the Terminal?
    Restricted Speed Not Exceeding 10 MPH
  9. What is the MAS for the Upper Level Loop?
    Restricted Speed not exceeding 4 MPH
  10. What is the MAS for the lower level loop and what track number is the loop track?
    Restricted Speed not exceeding 6 MPH. Track 200
  11. What are the numbers for the East Side Yard tracks? Which of those tracks connect to the Upper Level Loop?
    • Tracks 2-10
    • Tracks 2 and 3
  12. What are the numbers of the platform tracks on the Upper Level?
    • 11-42.
    • 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21
    • 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30
    • 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42
  13. Which tracks are considered loop tracks and what special procedure must be adhered to?
    Tracks 38-42 are loop tracks and must have sufficient hand brakes no less than 2 applied
  14. What are the MOW tracks on the Upper Level? What special securement requirements are required?
    82, 83 Handbrakes and Chocks
  15. What are the Loco Storage Tracks on the Upper Level? What special securement requirements are required?
    90-94 Handbrakes and Chocks
  16. What are the Lexington Avenue (Back Yard) Tracks?
    • 51-65
    • 51, 52, 53, 55, 56, 59, 60, 63, 64, 65
  17. What are considered the "Pit Tracks" on the Upper Level?  What are they not equipped with?
    63, 64, 65. Not equipped with third rail
  18. What track is Bombardier equipment Prohibited on, on the Upper Level?
    Track 19
  19. What track is Bombardier equipment Prohibited on, on the Upper Level? Track 19

    In reference to the above question, what switch are Bombardier equipment prohibited from diverging through on the Upper Level?
    407 switch from Ladder O to M
  20. What district RTC controls the lower Level of GCT and what is the radio channel?
    District "L" RTC Road Channel 2, 78/78
  21. What are the letter tracks that access the Lower Level from CP1?
    B, F, J.
  22. What letter tracks that accesses the lower level does not connect to CP1?
  23. What are the numbers of the Platform tracks on the Lower Level?
  24. What is the name of the main yard on the Lower Level and what are the track numbers?
    • East Side Storage
    • Tracks 130-138
  25. What is the District RTC that controls from CP1 to, but not including CP4?
    District "P" RTC. Road Channel 2,  78/78
  26. There are three main emergency exits inside the Park Avenue tunnels, what are their locations? What tracks are accessed by them? What type of platforms are they?
    • 59th Street- Side Platforms tracks 3&4
    • 72nd Street-Side Platforms tracks 3&4
    • 86th Street-Island Platforms tracks 1&3, 2&4
  27. Where are emergency phones located in the Park Avenue Tunnels?
    At each cross street on tracks 1&3 and between 2&4 at 59th, 72nd and 86th Street exits.
  28. What are the limits of the Park Avenue Tunnels?
    From CP1 to 97th Street
  29. What do the Tunnel Alarm boxes do?
    De-energize the third rail from 59th Street to 110th Street on the adjacent track
  30. In the event of an emergency and you are in between Tunnel Alarm Boxes, how would you activate them?
    By pulling the cord suspended along the crash walls.  You must pull the cord in both directions for the last 5 seconds.
  31. Where are the fire extinguishers found in the Park Avenue Tunnels?
    At all emergency exits in the tunnel
  32. What is the preferred method of emergency communication inside the Park Avenue Tunnels? (3 items)
    Radio, Telephone, the Tunnel Alarm System only if no other means of communication is available.
  33. Sound bound trains experiencing a fire or smoke condition should? Northbound trains?
    Southbound trains should attempt to reach the platform at GCT, Northbound trains should attempt to exit the tunnel
  34. While it is always preferable to take trains out of the tunnel in case of fire or smoke condition on the train or in the tunnel, who is ultimately responsible for making the determination whether or not it is safe to continue moving the train?
    The engineer and conductor
  35. If there is either a fire or smoke condition, either on a train or in the tunnel, what systems on the train need to be shut down in order to prevent drawing smoke into the cars?
    HVAC system
  36. On the Park Avenue Viaduct, where are the emergency exits located?
    98th Street off track 4 and at 101 Street off track 3
  37. What is the preferred location of emergency evacuation on the viaduct?
    Harlem 125th Station
  38. What is the next preferred alternative when  an evacuation is necessary on the viaduct?
    Train to Train transfer
  39. Who controls CP4 and CP5 interlockings?
    District "M" RTC Road Channel 2, 78/78
  40. At CP4 what do the route indicators tell you? What tracks are they on?
    Located on all racks 4,2,1,3.  Up Arrow=Harlem Line, Left Arrow=Hudson Line, No Arrow=Route Undetermined
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