ap history 2

  1. london co
    monopoly company gained support to the people by selling stock. tried to colonize jamestown.
  2. powhatan
    cheif that lived in the jamestown area
  3. pocahontus
    powhatans daughter that was kidnapped and forced to marry john rolfe and convert to christianity
  4. joint stock company
    virginian company is an example a company involving 2 or more groups
  5. john smith
    world traveler that changed jamestown for the better, became colony leader only 12 people died in his leadership
  6. starving time
    a period where the colonist had no food
  7. lord de la warr
    jamestown's first govenor. inforced harsh laws that helped them stay in order
  8. john rolfe
    experimented with tobacco to create a tobacco product
  9. headright system
    for every new settler you recieve land
  10. indentured slaves
    people forced into labor
  11. house of burgesses
    similar to house of reps
  12. lord baltimore
    dream to establish maryland as a retreat for catholics, but he died before he could get the grant.
  13. act of toleration
    let all christians pray at their own free will
  14. william berkely
    gov of virginia in 1642 led the exploration of the blue ridge mountains and killed hancanough.
  15. bacons rebellion
    unhappy with berkely he fought against the indians on his own causing him to be discharged from politics. it questioned the authority.
  16. pilgrims
    first settlers to go to the new world without the kings permission
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