Field Experience Policies and Procedures

  1. What should be done with the Field Experience Handbook?
    Read it, study it and share it with Cooperating Teacher.
  2. What is the written procedure to establish a Field Experience placement? (4 steps)
    Who is responsible for following the procedure?
    • 1. Write letter of introduction.
    • 2. Print name on Mrs. Thigpen's letter.
    • 3. Mail both letters in the same envelope.
    • 4. Follow-up letters with a phone call to schedule an appointment to meet with the principle.
  3. What is the minimum number of hours required at the Field Experience site by the end of the semester?
    40 hours
  4. What type/style of "dress: or clothing should students wear during Field Experience hours?
    Conservatively (no jeans unless instructed by the Cooperating Teacher).
  5. List three ways a FES can get to do as many of the handbook's "suggested activities" as possible?
    • Ask
    • Volunteer
    • Say yes enthusiastically
  6. How is Field Experience affected if a student does not return to the orientation guide, site agreement, or fails this quiz?
    Cannot do Field Experience.
  7. List all the people who should be contacted if a student is ill and cannot go to the school site.
    • Cooperating Teacher
    • Mrs. Thigpen
  8. After the principal, who is probably the most important staff member in a school and often the first contact at the school?
    The secretary.
  9. Who should a student contact first if there are problems at the Field Experience site? What are reasons for early termination of FE?
    Mrs. Thigpen
  10. What restrictions are there on Field Experience placement sites?
    • School completed less than four years ago.
    • Where the student's own children attend.
    • Where the student works for pay.
    • In a classroom with classmates, relatives, friends or family friends.
    • Outside Peoria, Tazewell or Woodford county.
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