Ap us history chapter one

  1. aztecs
    built medical and administrative systems compared to europe. they developed religion involving human sacrifice. Their city of tenochititlan was very large and had temples comparable to the great pyramids
  2. incas
    created a large empire of 6 mil people in peru. developed political systems and paved roads. produced elaborate religious and ceremonial structures in cities such as cuzco and machu picchu
  3. mayas
    built a culture and developed a language similar to the arabic. accurate calander and agricultural system were accurate. succeded from the aztecs. city of mayapan had great structures similar to the incas
  4. cahokia
    city near st. louis filled with mounds, had a population of 40k
  5. iroqouis
    5 nations including the seneca, cayuga, onondaga, oneida, and mohawk. women tended the field while men hunted women played powerful economic roles
  6. Leif Erikson
    11th century norse seamen may have glimpsed the new world
  7. Prince henery the navigator
    main goal to explore the coast of africa. wanted to set up a christian empire but discovered the tip of africa.
  8. bartholomeu dias
    explorer that rounded the tip of africa
  9. vasco de gama
    made it all the way around africa and to India
  10. pedro cabral
    fleet was on course to india and got blown of course to brazil, so he has seen the new world.
  11. christopher columbus
    used to work for portugal went to the spaniards. landed in the bahamas assumed it was japan (he was sailing to asia) also landed in cuba and thought it was china. He was thought to have discovered the new world.
  12. Ferinand and Isabella
    leaders of spain at the time that granted columbus the money to sail to the new world.
  13. hernando cortez
    led the expedition to mexico, fought the aztecs and defeated them by exposing them to small pox. the most brutal conquistador.
  14. Tenochititlan
    aztec capital of mexico
  15. conquistadors
    cortez, pizzaro, and soto all conqured a part of the new world to establish a spanish empire.
  16. Hernando de Soto
    first man known to cross the mississippi river. (one of pizzaros men)
  17. encomiendas
    labored the natives and used them to work. also a large land grant.
  18. st. augustine
    first permanent european settlement in the new world
  19. Popes rebellion
    indian religious leader lead a rebellion against the spanish because they tried to mask their religious beliefs.
  20. mezitos
    person of mixed race (white and native)
  21. matrilineal
    traced their heredity through the mothers line and inherited properties from their mother
  22. john cabot
    sent by king henery VII to find a passage between the new world to asia
  23. mercantililsm
    extracting as much wealth from foreign lands and as little from home. increased competiton and economic policies
  24. martin luther
    defied the catholic church and gained respect from many in europe. created lutheran, was excommunicated in 1520
  25. john calvin
    influencial reformer went farther than luther in his belief that human institution could effect an individual prospect for salvation.
  26. hugenots
    produced from calvinism, from france similar to the puritans.
  27. puritans
    got their mane stating that reformers would purify the church many were radicals going against the church
  28. elizabeth I
    took the throne after her half sister mary died. she continued to support the catholic church but started to interpret calvinism
  29. coureurs de bois
    fur traders and trappers that became the underpinning of the french economy
  30. quebec
    frances first permanent settlement in new world
  31. henry hudson
    english explorer working for the dutch explored the hudson river in new york, he thought he found a way through the new world.
  32. jamestown
    first permanant english settlement in america
  33. sir walter raleigh
    half brother to humphry gilbert, led an expedition to explore the north american coast. discovered roanoke.
  34. roanoke
    english island tried to colonize but failed many times because of the natives
  35. virginia dare
    first born american (on american soil)
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