Vocab 3

  1. impercaptible
    (adj) not clear or obvious to senses or mind.
  2. ponder
    (v) think deeply
  3. lucid
    (adj) clearheaded; not confused
  4. tumultuous
    (adj) violent; greatly agitated or desterbed
  5. insuperable
    (adj) incapable of being overcome
  6. prostrate
    (adj) lying flat
  7. potent
    (adj) powerful or effective
  8. lethargy
    (noun) abnormal drowsiness
  9. proximity
    (noun) nearness
  10. averted
    (v) turned away; prevented
  11. entreating
    (v) begging; asking
  12. implore
    (v) plead; ask
  13. quaff
    (v) drink heartily
  14. pallid
    (adj) pale
  15. abstraction
    (noun) dealing with ideas rather than with events.
  16. connotation
    (noun) an idea or feeling that a word invokes a person in addition to its literal or primary meaning.
  17. denotation
    (noun) the literal or primary meaning of a word, in contrast to the feeling or ideas that the word suggests.
  18. concretion
    (noun) a hard solid mass formed by the local accumulation of matter.
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