GEO Lab 07

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  1. Geomorphology
    study of landforms, their classification, origin, development, and history
  2. Plate tectonic theory forced geologists to reevaluate mountain building and look at it in a new light
  3. Volcanism
    The process by which magma and associated gases rise to the Earth's crust and are extruded or expelled onto the surface and into the atmosphere
  4. Continental crust
    • composed of low density sialic rocks
    • part of Crust
  5. Oceanic crust
    • made up of denser simatic rocks
    • form the floor of the deep ocean
  6. Lithosphere
    part of crust and mantle 40 to 95 km
  7. Asthenosphere
    below the lithosphere in upper mantle
  8. Mohorovicic Discontinuity
    the surface of separation of layer between the denser rocks in the mantle and the less dense materials that form the crust
  9. Pangea
    one land mass part of plate tectonics theory
  10. Earth is divided into 15 lithospheric plates that are driven by convection currents.
  11. Diverging (spreading)
    • rift valleys
    • these are marked by earthquakes and volcanoes.
  12. Converging (Subjecting)
    formed himalayas and Andes
  13. Lateral (Transform)
    • This is where boundaries are sliding past each other
    • Earth quakes and deformation mark these zones of lateral movement.
  14. Hot spot Volcanoes
    these are the product of an isolated locus of high temperature deep in the mantle
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