Volume 1 UREs

  1. When handling hot pots and pans, use dry
    pot holders.
  2. Who makes sure local safety inspections, briefings, and training are conducted?
    Your NCOIC.
  3. If the chemical material is a mixture, what must the material safety data sheets (MSDS)
    Name of each hazardous ingredient.
  4. A hazardous liquid is flammable if it has a flash point of
  5. Chemical materials exist in the three physical forms of liquids, gases, or
  6. Controlling chemical hazards often requires a combination of control methods. What are the
    engineering controls?
    Substitution, isolation, and circulation.
  7. In what component of food security do you assign responsibility to knowledgeable
    individuals and encourage staff to be alert to tampering with product or equipment?
  8. What tool from the personnel food security component should you use to identify who is and
    who should be on the premises?
    Daily work assignment sheet.
  9. What information can be used as a piece of the enemy’s intelligence puzzle?
    Scheduled clinic appointments.
  10. The most frequently used source for locating official publications is
    AF e-Publishing website.
  11. If you want to order an Air Force publication, you would send a memo to what office?
  12. What channels are commercial publications ordered through if your hospital does not have a
    Medical materiel.
  13. When filing publications, your Nutritional Medicine Flight’s (NMF) operating instructions
    or standard operating procedures are filed
  14. Who submits the list of your files to the base records manager for entry into the Records
    Information Management System?
    Functions Area Records Management
  15. Which diseases are common types of communicable diseases?
  16. Respiratory diseases are related to what parts of the body?
    Lungs and air passages
  17. What are the three major classifications of food-borne illness?
    Food-borne virus, food-borne intoxication, and bacteria
  18. A critical control point in foodservice is when
    a loss of control could result in a significant chance of food-borne illness.
  19. What is bred in filth, lives in filth, and is reduced in numbers by eliminating filth?
  20. What causes the greatest problem and can destroy the largest amount of food in a kitchen or
    storeroom area?
  21. What type of ring(s), if any, can be worn while working in any kitchen area?
    Plain wedding bands.
  22. What is the proper water temperature for the dishwasher rinse cycle?
    180 to 195
  23. When food products are effectively purchased and received, they should be of good quality.
    However, the quality deteriorates quickly if not properly
  24. Who uses AF Form 977 to inspect NMF?
    Public Health.
  25. What area will Public Health check during their inspection of your facility?
    Food preparation temperature.
  26. Who has responsibility for public property?
    All government employees.
  27. Who is normally appointed to maintain accountability for the medical stock record account?
    A medical service corps officer
  28. Besides supplying all supplies and equipment, equipment repair, and facilities management
    which other function is supplied by Medical Logistics?
    Linen control.
  29. Medical investment equipment is considered as an item of medical equipment with a life
    expectancy of at least 5 years, maintains its identity during use, and a unit cost of
    $250, 000 or more
  30. What services does MER provide?
    Maintenance support for all medical equipment and the facility.
  31. When screening the back order report, you review information on items requiring
    cancellation, follow-up status, quantity error, item error, etc.
  32. Within how many calendar days should a custodian return an annotated copy of the back
    order to logistics if changes or cancellations of due-in are required?
  33. Who appoints and recommends the NMF property custodian?
    DBMS or MFC at the recommendation of the DML
  34. Who notifies Medical Logistics when a work stoppage is expected prior to delivery of a
    back ordered item?
    NMF property custodian
  35. Which section of the AFMLL contains a listing of items that can be obtained at no cost
    through your supply account?
    Excess Materiel Available for Redistribution
  36. What is the means by which you identify, order, and store stock listed items?
  37. What does the first two digits of a stock number identify?
    Item group
  38. What is the name of the federal supply catalog that contains technical management data on
    medical items managed by the Defense Logistics Agency?
  39. How often is the UDR produced and distributed to all requesting accounts?
  40. What program originated out of a need to reduce stored stocks at various Defense Logistics
    Agencies depots?
  41. When is a back order release issue generated?
    When the back order item is received and processed by Medical Materiel.
  42. The type of items that are included in the nonrecurring demand category are items requested
    on a one-time basis with no foreseeable demand within
    1 year
  43. When is the preissue method used?
    When issue transactions cannot be processed through the computer.
  44. What document is reviewed for equipment that is on loan?
    AF Form 1297, Temporary Issue Receipts
  45. What must your section establish if they expect to make a realistic budget request when
    forecasting equipment?
    Long-range equipment program.
  46. On your NMF three-year equipment budget requirement list is listed equipment with life
    expectancy codes of greater than
    4 years
  47. What are the three main areas on the HMR?
    General information, maintenance information, maintenance history
  48. Which office handles the review and approval coordination for equipment?
  49. Who prepares an AF Form 601 to turn in equipment?
    property custodian
  50. What are the categories of scheduled maintenance?
    Preventive and calibration/certification.
  51. Which equipment management report shows the location of each equipment item?
    Custody Receipt Locator list.
  52. Which report provides monthly status to the medical equipment custodian on maintenance
    performed for his or her section?
    Custodian Maintenance report.
  53. Which equipment management report besides the HMR contains information that can be
    useful when preparing the 3-year equipment plan?
    Custodian Maintenance report.
  54. Which is a natural disaster?
  55. What source of information covers the feeding responsibilities at a designated alternate
    Annex A.
  56. Who assists the clinicians with nutritional assessments when a dietary craftsman is not
  57. According to Air and Space Expeditionary Force (AEF) feeding policy, what type of food is
    used during the first three days of deployment?
  58. The method of feeding patients is designed according to the demands of the hospital field
    unit, type of patient care and
    meal transportation time.
  59. While deployed, what is the minimum serving temperature for hot food items?
    135 degrees
  60. What form should be used to indicate diet order, patient’s name and meal for therapeutic inflight
    AF Form 1094.
  61. How are tube feedings introduced into the body?
  62. How much and what type of water should be poured into insulated containers to keep food
    2 quartz boiling
  63. What is the final rinse water temperature for the mechanical method dishwasher?
  64. Wipe cloths must be stored in a sanitizing solution of
    110 ppm chlorine.
  65. What is the daily amount of recommended sleep?
    7–8 hours.
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