Anatomy Exam 4

  1. what percent of the blood is erythrocytes? 

    what are erythrocytes?

    red blood cells
  2. what percent of the blood is plasma?
  3. what percent of the blood is leukocytes and platelets? 

    what are leukocytes?

    white blood cells
  4. what kind of tissue is endothelium made of?
  5. what kind of tissue is internal elastic made of?
    multiple layers of smooth muscle
  6. what kind of tissue is tunica interna made of?
    smooth muscle and connective tissue
  7. what kind of tissue is tunica media made of?
    smooth muscle
  8. what kind of tissue is tunica externa made of?
    areolar connective tissue
  9. compare the sizes of tunica media from largest to smallest? 

    venule, elastic artery, arteriole, vein, muscular artery
    • elastic artery-largest (1-2.5cm)
    • muscular artery-medium (3mm-1cm)
    • arteriole- smallest ( 3microm-3mm)
    • vein-largest vein (>100 microm)
    • venule- smallest vein (<100 microm)
  10. which is pressure/volume reservoir? 

    artery vs vein
    • artery-pressure
    • vein-volume (60% of blood volume)
  11. how does skeletal muscle pump return blood to heart?

    how does respiratory pump return blood to heart?
    when the skeletal muscles contract, veins are squeezed to move blood towards the heart

    venous return-when we inhale, the diaphragm flattens/contracts, pressure increases, causing thoracic cavity to increase in volume with lower pressure. During exhalation, the opposite happens pushing blood from thoracic cavity to the heart.
  12. artery/arteries that supply arm (upper)
    subclavian a
  13. artery/arteries that supply diaphragm
    descending abdominal aorta-inferior phrenic a
  14. artery/arteries that supply stomach, spleen, and liver
    • abdominal aorta- celiac trunk-
    • left gastric, splenic, common hepatic
  15. artery/arteries that supply small intestine
    abdominal aorta-superior mesenteric a
  16. artery/arteries that supply adrenal glands and kidneys
    abdominal-suprarenal and renal
  17. artery/arteries that supply external genitalia
    internal iliac artery
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